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Hi, I'm Silvia, but feel free to also call me Silv, Sil, etc. And no, it's not my real name, for those who are wondering.

Anyway, a little bit about me: I'm extremely fascinated by the supernatural, therefore the stories I post will most likely have something of supernatural origin in them. I also love listening to music and will listen to all kinds. The top three music genres I prefer though are: rock, alternative, and pop in that order. Music=Life (can't tell you how many times music has saved me from total meltdowns and my life)

What I like to read: Really, just about anything. As long as it has an interesting storyline and is written well, I'll read it. I do lean more towards Fantasy/Supernatural books and enjoy a good mystery/thriller. Not too keen on historical or anything set in the far past (ex. Old West), but if the summary sounds good, I'll give it a try. It's the same with romance, too unless romance is thrown into a mix (which tends to happen a lot with stories). That's alright, though, 'cause I enjoy a good romance every now and then. My favorite stories are ones with mixed genres, i.e: romance/supernatural/mystery. Good thing, most stories are mixed, though they may say otherwise. ;)

What I like to write: I've only recently migrated from fanfiction to working on original works, but like my fanfiction, most of my writings will include the supernatural. You'll also read some more works like Writing (my post on Fictionpress) and maybe even a poem or two, every now and then. Since I've only just began to write original writings, what I post will be relatively short; only a few pages long at most. One thing I learned from my fanfiction writings: you have to start small first before doing something big.

Speaking of my fanfictions; yes, I have posted stories on Unfortunately, though, most of the fanfiction I posted were suppose to be, well, novel-length. Since I do tend to write more than I intend (a LOT more sometimes). Problem is I neither have the time or motivation/inspiration to write more for them, so my fanfiction is on hiatus and my account 'deleted'. I can't actually delete my account, but I've erased my profile, deleted my stories and my account's pretty much one big blank. Why I can't actually delete my account on, I have no idea but I think they should change that. Might make a new Fanfiction account, but right now, I'm focusing more on my original stories.

Stories posted:

Writing- To all those who have read/reviewed/favorited my first post: THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your praise and kind words mean a lot and I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

My Safe Escape- Thanks so much to XxWritingMistressxX for her kind review! Also, many thanks to those who've taken the time to at least read it! And much gratitude and thanks to Vivace.Assai for their insightful review!

Words- Again, thanks so much to those who at least read my poem! Even more thanks and gratitude to AppleCrumble's encouraging review! Also, a huge thank you to XxWritingMistressxXs thoughtful and reflective review! It's good to know my writings are relatable and thought provoking. :)

Love is...- Much appreciation and thanks to Love A Mysterious Thing's lovely review and to those who read it!

No Escape - Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed! I appreciate it so much. Thanks especially to XxWritingMistressxX and sapphireshadow15's awesome reviews.

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Conversation of Misunderstanding
KEITH's a 15-year-old troublemaker whose recent pranks have a gone bit too far.When his MOM asks to have a "talk" with him, he's convinced she's sending him to military camp over the summer.However, MOM has no idea about his most recent shenanigans and wants to reward him for his recent 'good behavior' by sending him to his favorite summer camp.
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