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Hello. I am TheGirlWithGlasses15. So as you'd guess, I'm a girl. I wear glasses. Although I have contacts... I couldn't think of any other distinguishing features :) I love reading, I spend most of my time doing it. I also love writing, I have my own ideas, but I also like writing fanfiction! YA is my favourite for obvious reasons. haha. I have a lot of favourites... Harry Potter (English pride!) The Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices, Divergent, Anna & The French Kiss, Lola & The Boy Next Door...and more, but it would be a LONG list... I can't think of anything else...I'm a very boring person, my idea of a good time is sitting on my bed, reading in silence. My friends all say I'm quite posh, because I use BIG words and my voice is quite posh...I can't help it though! Posh, Nerdy and PROUD! :) I'm on under the same pen-name, and I've written a story for the Hunger Games, so you can check it out if you want...PM me if you want more details.