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Hey, it's Eric Cartman forever here from Fanfiction, and I haven't been on this page in years. Was it years already? It feels like yesterday, but anyways, I should reintroduce myself. I'm still a huge fan of Eric Cartman and I saw the new South Park episode. I love how satire it is and how relevant it is to whatever's going on in the world, but not the racist stuff or anything like that. I've got into Tokyo Ghoul, I saw both seasons one and two, and I can't wait for season three to come out! I'm reading the manga online and I'm around chapter ten. I can't wait to read more and get into Tokyo Ghoul:re. I'm not very good at keeping up with manga, and I still enjoy the same anime, except for Case Closed since I really lost interest in it. Death Note is my favourite anime, Tokyo Ghoul is less than one step below it, and I still enjoy the others like Hell Girl, Naruto, Powerpuff Girls Z, Shugo Chara!, Fullmetal Alchemist, and I lost count of the anime that I've watched.

I still love to RP and I have a big interest in time-travel, as shown by my RP forums, and I'm happy to be back on here. I placed them in better categories, such as

#1: WWII RP: Time-travel problems

Fiction » Historical, English, Roleplay/RPG

#2: Alternate Master Uchiha RP

Fiction » Young Adult, English, Roleplay/RPG

#3: Salem Witch Trials: Time-travel Problems

Fiction » Thriller, English, Roleplay/RPG

My Victorian Era RP, same concept as the WWII one and my new Salem Witch Trials one, to get back to the current time. The time goal that the modern OCs are to reach is different, due to posting them a few years before, such as 2012 (WWII RP), and 2016 is the goal for my latest one as 2016 is the current year. It's just different time-periods, different post dates that determine the goal, and obvious things such as those. The other one, Alternate Master Uchiha RP, is set in modern day 2013 when I'd posted it, and it follows the rough journey of an physical and verbally abused awkwardly-named fifteen-year-old teen named Master Uchiha, who is also severely bullied in school, especially in his sophomore class. It had an ending that I don't really care for, though, but I want to bring it back to life.

Here are the forums that are all active at this point:

I deleted my Tumblr account, so you can reach me through

Let me introduce myself more clearly:

My name is Ann, or you can just call me Eric, I graduated from high school, and I'm 22. Time goes by so quickly, and please, feel free to join any of those forums. I'm OK with cussing and I cuss myself sometimes too, so feel free to use vulgar language if it pleases you in the RPs.

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