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To every one of my fans who have been dedicated enough to read and invest their interest in my story, I just wanted to apologize for my forever and like three year hiatus; but I just wanted to let any of you who may still check back in that, expect me to back within a months time :)

Hahah, WELL, I came back, aaassss promised. But none of you did!!!! Hahaha, talk about an awkward last April update, *cue the crickets*

Ahh, well, it did take me three years to get over that b.s writers block, chapter 30 was eh my descriptive shyyyt, and yes, I think I posted chapter 31 just because iw as like WHATEVER NOBODY WILL NOTICE SO IT'S OKAY IF I HATE IT. haha: REALY: sdjfnbjsdb WHAT IF NOBODY CAME BECAUSE THEY HATED CHAPTER 31!?

Lol, no I'm just messing around, A. I didn't really expect to see anybody pop in when I got back around to finishing and posting

B. that reason being purely my fault for going on such a looney hiatus, although, obviously, if I could've cut out that long wait too, truuuuust me, I think I'd get 3 years of my saner self back too!,

and C. I do really forget sometimes that like tralalal, I must've started this when I was bout 15 or 16? It was freshman or sophomore year of highschool, I wanna say sophomore, but whatever nobody cares about that tidbit, and I'm about to turn 25 in January --please kindly refrain from judging the half dead lady-- Hah, no, but, woof, turning 25 definitely feels super old. But I guess my overall point was, this story has jus kind of been here with my for, well, since forever and that other people (although I had never really shown or shared this with anybody before this/you guys) can't be like OH YEAH, I KNOW SHE'S AT HOME WORKING ON THOSE DRAFTS, Mhm, mhm! She's got prewritten scenes and so much planning done. Huzzah, there's hope!

Wheeeen reaaaally, my Houdini writers block/fictionpress vanishing act probbbaaaably elected more a long the lines of Yup. Good. Another person just ABANDONING THEIR BLEEPING STORY AFTER WRITING THAT MANY CHAPTERS, WHAT A DOUCHE--I DIDN'T EVEN LIKE IT THAT MUCH, BUT NOW I CAN NEVER FINISH IT, THEREFORE I'M DONE WITH THIS NOISE, PEAECE--OFF TO ARCHIVE I GO!!

Baha, okay, please ignore that if anyone ever looks at this dump of a profile I have, that was obviously a super sarcastic generalization, but towards any of my readers before, and also about the archive bit, just because I rock the sister sight to here (cause MY little sister ruined my life with that shxt haha, I love it), but everyone likewise has left for ARCHIVEEE, which, I begrudgingly joined, but kind of hate?


  • As far as updates with me, ppsshhh, still slowly but steady getting my flipfloppy bipolar life back on track; still writing for the story I have posted here, just at bit of a slower pace again since I restarted school and I don't think anybody is reading it anyways.

  • As for NEW work, I don't really have very many like 'original pieces' besides like...the 5 or 6 book, 300 pages or so per book piece of NIGHTMARE series I started in 5th grade hahah which parts I secretly like and will always love because it was my first; but, I mean, it was a former fatkids idea of what ''high school' was like/would be and you were pretty and everybody loved you haha aka EVERYONE FALLS IN LOVE WITH THIS BXTCH, my main character, and like the O.C, age continuity for h/s shyt just did noooot compute, I think in the first one, I just like MADE them 18, even though they're like sophomores? Idk, I obviously had no IDEA, but looking back I'm always like, Jesus, Morgan. cough NO I'M NOT STILL WRITING MISC. SCENES FOR IT OCCASIONALLY cough.

  • haha, I TOLD YOU GUYS! I NEVER TOTALLY ABANDON A PROJECT! You think 16 was a long time ago, this one's FIFTH GRADE, how old are you in fifth grade, anyways? like idk 10/11? Something like that? Cause I feel, specifically from some RANDOM memory that 13 is 7th grade, hah, so, oh idk, it's not important.


    Ohh, yeah.

  • Aaaand, all of my other writing is either, thanks to my sister, fanfic related
  • Academic analytical essays (because I'm a nerd and like to relive my glory days where I remembered grammar like a boss).
  • Errmm, yeah, like short vocab stories I had to write in high school, which I actually like most of them, but then they have like these fucked up misc. words thrown in that are like, 'wwhhaa?" like we had a list of French words one unit, and not that there's anything wrong with French obviously, lol it all just looked so misplaced when I tried to like show it to somebody else and then be like oH YEAH, SORRY, SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT.
  • Annnnd then poetry. I actually have a BOAT load of poetry, but it is the one, ONE thing that I will never ever, EEEVVVER post anywhere. I got over the idea of somebody hijacking any of my story writing eons ago, and meh, it's not like it's worth stealing hahah, but everybody knows how p.o'd they'd be if all of a sudden they were strolling through the book store, and suddenly like stopped, backed up, and was like OH HELL NO, WHAT THE F-BEEEEEEP-, and saw there writing there. AGAIN totally unrealistic, but, I am an anxiety baby. And my poetry is, a. definitely the form of writing I really do best, and b. one of the only bits of writing I will own my inner narcissist about, hah, not to say I'm a bxtch about it, just, yeah, that IS something I don't like slash wouldn't trust online, because yeah, kjrngljkadg blah blah, dear god I wish I did not get into these long winded UNNECESSARY psychoanalytical story explanations whenever I just try to pump out some simple bullet points (sigh)
  • fuck, that inner narcissist might be a bit worse or, should I say, evident in this moment hahah.

    WELL, at least I'm a NICE NARCISSIST

    [because of COURSE I'd BE]

    WELL, sorry for scaring away any potential future writers with my board little time to drabble drabble onward to ourselves. coughi'm-avoiding-studying-for-finals-still-cough. SOOOO, with outtttt further to do, I shall leave you all with THEE GREATEST, and my NEW FAVORITE FXCKING QUOTE EVER. Simply, because I read it, and it's by fxcking Beethoven

    "Do you think I give a damn about you and your pathetic violin?"

    -Ludwig Van Beethoven adass

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