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Find me in Fan fiction. I'm VongolaXII.

I'm an amateur in writing stories in Fiction Press because I'm not that creative. I swear. I could only write fan fics, and I really have several ideas in my mind now but I don't know how to write it. I know my stories are cliche but I always try to make them not.

Below is my on-going steady story.

Characters' details for Horocurse: The End, Begining and Neverending:

[Capricorn, 10th sign

Name: Yagiza Haru

Age: 16 years old (11/1)

Gender: Male

Job: Student

Guardian planet: Saturn (Earth)

Appearance: Brown hair, dark eyes

Traits: Mischievous, slightly perverted, sensitive, hard working

Details: Haru is the most mischievous of the signs. He is very dedicated in his work and often aims to strive to the top. He is the class president and the leader in some communities in his school. Haru likes to crack rated jokes and enjoys the blushing face of Mizuki.

[Aquarius, 11th sign

Name: Mizuki Koga

Age: 16 years old (9/2)

Gender: Male

Job: Student

Guardian planet: Uranus (Water)

Appearance: Blue hair, emerald eyes

Traits: Reserved, calm, very shy

Details: He is the assistant to Haru in their class and has a slight crush on the chirpy boy. He blushes easily at Haru's rated jokes which made him the object of target. His parents are successful fortune tellers. Mizuki likes to invent water and he is very keen when it comes to conserving water.

[Pisces, 12th sign

Name: Uoza Kana

Age: 19 years old (10/3)

Gender: Male

Job: Dojo owner

Guardian planet: Jupiter (Water)

Appearance: Purple hair, white eyes

Traits: Cool, sarcastic, courageous

Details: Kana is a fighter in his nature and is not afraid to put his life on risk, sometimes, even his family members'. He works in a dojo left by his father after he dropped out of college. He is still living with his ill mother who is taken care by his fiancee. He is very ambitious.

[Aries, 1st sign

Name: Hitsuji Yuki

Age: 16 years old (1/4)

Gender: Male

Job: Student

Guardian planet: Mars (Fire)

Appearance:Red eyes, white hair

Traits: Quiet, calculative, observant, charming

Details: Yuki excels in sports and academics, which makes him extremely popular among the girls. He is also willing to stop and entertain them, which makes the girls swoon even more. A dedicated prefect. Not much is known about his family, but he wishes to build a family with his girlfriend, which he swears to protect her from Kamina. He is the leader of the Horoscopes.

[Cancer, 4th sign

Name: Kaniza Kani

Age: 20 years old (13/7)

Gender: Female

Job: Convenient store

Guardian planet: Moon (Water)

Appearance: Blonde hair, silver eyes

Traits: Cheerful, kind hearted, sensitive

Details: She is the fiancee of Kana and takes care of his ill mother whenever she is free. She has a very kind soul and is willing to do anything to protect Kana. She is sometimes very blunt and air headed.

[Gemini, 3rd sign

Name: Futa Tsuyoshi

Age: 26 years old (6/6)

Gender: Male

Job: CEO

Guardian planet: Mercury (Wind)

Appearance: Blue hair, golden eyes

Traits: Clever, slightly shy, polite

Details: He has a twin named Yuta but the Horocurse God found out of their forbidden relationship and destroyed Yuta. The soul of Yuta is stored inside a earring that Futa wears everyday after the incident, serving as a power boost in desperate situation. Futa never used the power because he couldn't bear to 'use' his own twin.

[Taurus, 2nd sign

Name: Hiza Shou

Age: 14 years old (29/4)

Gender: Female

Job: Student

Guardian planet: Venus (Earth)

Appearance: Brunette, green eyes

Traits: Fierce, slightly selfish, loyal, clever

Details: Hiza is very fierce and will voice out anything she dislikes. For instance, she states out harshly that Futa's current girlfriend is just using him and she is actually a 'Gold Digger'. Deep down inside, she is very loyal to Futa and will only listen to his words. She is the mastermind of the Operation Uncurse.

[Leo, 5th sign

Name: Shiza Nikki

Age: 21 years old (9/8)

Gender: Female

Job: Unemployed

Guardian planet: Sun (Fire)

Appearance: Blonde hair, purple eyes

Traits: Cring, tough, organized

Details: Nikki once had a major argument with her husband, where her husband suspects that Futa was her scandal. After many denials, Nikki gave up and signed the divorce letter because she knows her husband will never believe her. She healed gradually with Otozaki by her side. Their relationship falls into nothing when Kamina discovers about it.

[Virgo, 6th sign

Name: Otozaki Inashi

Age: 23 years old (16/9)

Gender: Male

Job: Boutique

Guardian planet: Mercury (Earth)

Appearance: Dark brown hair, golden eyes

Traits: Laid back, calm, perfectionist

Details: He is greatly interested in fashion and has a very good taste in them. He opens up an boutique to display and sell his works, where he meets Nikki, and decided to make her his model. Slowly, he develops a crush on her. Otozaki lives with Futa, which is also his foster brother.

[Scorpio, 8th sign

Name: Sasori Shinrai

Age: 25 years old (10/11)

Gender: Female

Job: Secretary

Guardian planet: Pluto (Water)

Appearance: Black hair, red eyes

Traits: Emotionally unstable, sensitive, quiet

Details: When Shinrai was rebirth, she was given birth by an abusing mother. Her left eye was permanently blind due to her mother throwing glass at her when she first failed her exam when she was 10 years old. Her father tried to rape her when she was 16 years old, leaving her traumatic. At 18 years old, when her memory recovered, she ran away from home and met Futa, who offered her a job as his secretary.

[Libra, 7th sign

Name: Tenbiza

Age: 14 years old (3/10)

Gender: Male

Job: Student

Guardian planet: Venus (Wind)

Appearance: Light blue hair, purple eyes

Traits: Clever, witty, fair

Details: He likes to tease people especially Mizuki when he finds out that he has a crush on Haru. Tenbiza is a clever child, and Hiza treats him like a competitor. Tenbiza has a quiet crush on Hiza and is determined to win her trust one day.

[Sagittarius, 9th sign

Name: Heza Jiyuki

Age: 19 years old (1/12)

Gender: Male

Job: Student

Guardian planet: Jupiter (Fire)

Appearance: Maroon hair, blue eyes

Traits: Honest, unsensitive, intelligent

Details: Heza studies graphic designs and he likes to write during his free time. Most of his stories revolve around Futa, and when Hiza found out, she supports him instead as she trusts him as much as she trusts Futa. Heza is also rumored to be a heart breaker by his ex-girlfriend who hates him when they break up suddenly.

Whew, there you go. If you find the names weird, do google them. One of it means their horoscope's name and the other is based on their personalities. Supports are much loved! Link of trailer will appear soon.

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