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Hello y'all!!!

Well, as you can plainly see, I am Lidacia Millegar, or just Lidi for short. If any of you know me or think you do; yes! I am the same Lidacia Millegar from FanFiction! I'm hoping to become a writer for the rest of my life, and like the rest of you, hoping to be successful. Another hobby of mine is to draw, and I love editing & revising, though I may be a bit harsh on people who don't edit. If I get something wrong the first time, there will be nothing wrong the second time...

I'm interested in Romance stories, but I've had experiance in writing all kinds of stories except for horror- which I love to read but I can't seem to make scary enough on paper... Also, a really warm thanks to Cwarnic93 and Sarah1324, 'cause you two are amazingly awesome and supportive towards me! Go check them out and review those two please! They're great budding authors! Also read JoanofArk7777777's stuff. She is BRILLIANT!!! And I've occaisionally edited for her ;).

I've looked through a few of my old stories and spruced them up- maybe I'll post them? Probably...

Current Stories:

Illusions of the Leopard

I'm currently revising my messy updates to make them shine! It will definitely get better! Please review, and might turn M along the way with the romantic stuff and violence, I'm not certain! TRYING TO POST AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH!

Wishes of Misery

This just popped into my head today and I am falling in love with it already! It's going to be a lot easier to write than IOTL, but almost as promising! WEEKLY UPDATES!!!

Destiny's Children

New inspiration... New take on a complicated love life- with the added troubles of being a murderer, a thief, and a Gifted child. Lynx Carrona has everything she needs but answers, and the ability to remain in control. :3 IRREGULAR UPDATES!!!

Soon to Come:

Rise of the Leopard (February 10th 2014)

Second in the IOTL series... that's all I'm saying!

Spiral of the Sun (February 3rd 2013)

Cruel queen and her faithful guardian... he suffers through it all. He also has an abandoned sister, and the queen betrays an abandoned prince. Nothing is easy in ancient Mayan courts.

Thanks for everyone who decided to click on my name and read all the way down to the bottom =] I hope that y'all enjoy my stories!!! Have a nice day =D

Here is my Fanfic profile. If you want to, copy/paste this URL into your browser to take a look at my stories inspired by other works ;] I might be updatng on there soon!

Life's Complicated: Poison Ivy (Tangled)

Life's Complicated: Crouching Tiger (Aladdin)

Life's Complicated: Snoring Ugly (Sleeping Beauty)

Life's Complicated: Save Me (The Little Mermaid)

Life's Complicated: I Wasn't THAT Lucky (The Princess and the Frog)

I Shoot, You Dig my Graves (Strange Angels)

Tell Me How the Crow Flies (Paranormalcy)

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She had a hard enough life before Zayn stepped in & got her team caught in the middle of something they shouldn't have been a part of. Her operation now busted, Lynx gets stuffed in a school for Gifted kids. Lucas becomes more than a useless old memory, thrown away. Besides, her warrior instincts are kicking back in. Oh, forgot to mention– she just so happens to be the evil villan.
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