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I am the eternal one,come and discover my world. Be warned I am a true Storm/Remy and Storm/Logan shipper. I am NOT in any way a ROGUE or JEAN fan, so don't cry and B!tch when I write something that you don't like about Rogue and Jean. I AM also a fan of Jubilee, cause she's kool and has an smart mouth like me.

Remy is end all and be all of imaginary men and there for I Love him and his sexy Cajun ways.

Ororo is the cartoon/comic/movie version of me, a GODDESS in every way. She is cool headed, smart, beautiful and worshiped, like me. So bow down before you Goddess.

Logan is just that all around sexy mountain man. I just love his rough manly man ways. He is every thing I would want in a rough neck.

If you ask me they should just combine Remy and Logan, cause that would just ROCK MY WORLD.