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Hi everybody! I have been writing ever since I could spell. My first few books weren't very good (at all) and the subject of the book changed constantly, but writing became my little hobby. I think I've improved on my writing (I hope I have). I have lots of old books and stories that, with time and editing, might actually be enjoyable. A few, including one that I titled 'Abby's Crazy', are very confusing and I still haven't quite figured out what the last three, wordless pages of Abby's Crazy mean. x3

I have been drawing a lot more than I have been writing lately, but I still love to write and read. When I was little (you're probably like, "Oh boy, another baby story." *rolls eyes*) I wanted to be a librarian because I thought that librarians read all day in their libraries. When I told my parents why I wanted to be a librarian, they told me that librarians don't read books all day. From that moment on, I have always dreamed of being a writer some day.

I also love animals and everything about nature. I like finding worms and slugs and letting them crawl across my hand after rainy days. Once, about two, maybe three years ago, my sister and I made a make-shift worm sanctuary in our garage. We got all the worms and slugs in our backyard and 'saved them from the birds'. We got dripping wet stones from our backyard and leaves and a whole bunch of other things that the slugs and worms might've liked. We actually probably saved a worm's life, or at least let it live a little longer.

We found this poor little worm that had been run over by a wheel of some sort. We got it of the road and brought it to our sanctuary. Then we named it Sandy and put it in the little worm 'hospital'. We placed her down on a leaf and she stayed there until the rain stopped and we freed all the worms and slugs back into our yard. I still remember almost all of their names. x3

In my whole lifetime (I'm a teenager lifetime's not particularly long) I have had a dog, a fish, a ferret, and three cats. My current pet is a domestic short-hair gray tabby cat named Moe. I love that cat and I spoil him, I think. xD I found him as a stray six-week-old kitten and took care of him ever since. Want to know something? He follows me around. If I go into the bathroom, he wants to go in too. When I go outside, he watches me from the nearest window. If I read in my comfy little chair, he naps on the unused footstool (I never use footstools x3). Cute little kitten.

I hope you'll check out my new story 'Spirit of a Bird' which is currently in progress. I will try to add a new page everyday. Here is the summary: Feather, a young, gray house cat with darker spots, has never traveled beyond her human's big backyard. But when she gets a life-changing nightmare, Feather realizes her destiny lies elsewhere.

It would also really make my day if you'd review my stories and poems. Thanks!

My favorite books are The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex, The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer, the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowel, and The Tygrine Cat by Inbali Iserles. I highly recommend that you read these great books!

Oh, and, in case you were wondering, my avatar is a picture of my little one-year-old kitten, Moe. I drew it, so please don't steal it.

P.S. Please do not steal my stories or poems. (Note to Dewleafwolf: I have your same fear of someone copying my ideas! Every time I do a spoof on Scratch, someone makes a spoof extremely similar to it. xP)


I like playing soccer, sketching animals, working on my style of people, dogs, and horses, playing and spending all day mooning over Moe (lol), writing, and thinking up of game ideas for Scratch. Sadly, I never finish my game ideas. :p I'm more of an animator. To view my Scratch account go

Thanks for reading my profile!

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