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The Introduction.

Hello, I am Isaac Beach, but you can call me HowAboutThisForAName (Hatfan for short) or Beach if you so choose, the latter being a very, very vague reference to something I have no doubts it would take a genius of genealogical history to uncover. If you do, do tell.
I’ve been writing for the better part of seven years, and I’ve still got a lot to learn. I felt this profile deserved an update from the mess of likes and dislikes it was before, so I threw this together in hopes of clarifying a few things and summarising more concisely exactly who I am.

I’m partial to Thai curry, specifically peanut and potato curry. I enjoy alternative forms of music to most, Sigur Rós with their post-rock Vonlenska and Flume with his chillstep vibes, but I’ve got a soft spot for feel good music and I must say that didgeridoo dubstep is some really killer stuff.
I’m something of a nerd, with a love in particular for Government Simulators and 4x like Europa Universalis IV and Sins of a Solar Empire, respectively. It might be because I’m a failure at depth perception and have no skill in FPS, but I like to think it’s a reflection of my intelligence, or at least my attention to detail. But I also have my roots in RPGs, and I’m absolutely enamoured with the Fallout franchise. Just wish they’d make a damn fourth game already.
But of course –and this probably should have gone first in this little introduction- books are the main reason anyone goes on this site, or so I would hope anyway. Hence, I love the social sciences as ground for a lot of my written work, and science fiction –especially hard sci-fi- is a personal favourite of mine, with retro science fiction very appealing and low fantasy a good indicator of just how imaginative I am. I.e. not very. I oft read fantasy works and be envious of the men (And women) that wrote them, dabble in reading one hard sci-fi at a time over a period of months (They’re very difficult to read) and occasionally delve into the likes of J. M. Coetzee and his like. Suffice to say, I’m a fan of said J. M. Coetzee, China Miéville and Isaac Asimov, among others.
I’m very fond of East Asia, for some odd reason, I’ll get back to you on that when I know more.
By the by, I’m Australian, and because it seems to be a cultural trait of anyone that wants to write over here, I’m really damn frenetic. Like… ADD frenetic. So some days I might be really active, others not so much, and of course life gets in the way, so there’s that.

I just want to write, and I hope I get the chance to, so enjoy, all comments are processed –if not appreciated- and I’ll respond in kind to those that give them if the need arises. (For instance, if it’s an unconstructive but still rather polite “this is awesome” I’m not gonna spend five minutes thinking up an appropriate reply.) Flames will be doused at my leisure.


Also, I'm deleting a lot of my old stories, because they suck and are just generally not roadworthy.

If you have any reservations about this, do share.

The Feed.


I'm trying something a bit more grounded. Most days I do sci-fi and fantasy, but I've decided to try something more... Modern let's say. Hope it works!


Well, I was doing doing something more grounded. But Rejectamenta was a premise that wouldn't leave me alone. So I played with that instead. Ah well, hope they're both good in any event.


Rejectamenta is being worked on, admittedly I've hit a small wall after Lowanna's introduction, and I may rewrite it. I've got a bunch of other shit that refuses to stop bubbling up in my mind, and to try and assuage the fictional onslaught I've been working on an essay, because the last one of those was marginally successful. (Given you people are more frugal with your reviews and the like than a constipated cat banker two reviews and a favourite is actually rather successful, not to mention the other traffic.)


He says, writing a romantic dawdle in a few days. I'm just playing with some techniques -that and the computer that has my essay on it is occupied- and it was born all of a sudden, like a teen pregnancy.

P.S. I'm playing with a whole bunch of genres and what not, so that's gonna be fun and may mean an influx of content. But god only knows.


I've discovered I'm rather good at romance, which sucks given there's more than enough of the stuff on this site. Plus I much prefer sci fi and fantasy and what not. Bah, at least I have something to fall back on if that area fails.


Working on Zombie's next chapter, ought to be fun!


Oh shut it, I know I didn't post what you were expecting me to. But I've got over twelve thousand words worth of this new story so I think it's worth the slight kick in the balls to that one person following Zombie. No offence.


I'm deleting the stories written by my siblings, of whom I used to share this account with. I'm the only person using it and indeed the only person with access to it since I changed the email to one of my own; one they don't know. Thus I'll keep them downloaded and stored away if ever they complain, but I doubt they will.


I'm not dead! Who would've guessed it?


Deleted lots of shit again after a friendly reviewer pointed out some poor choices in my old style of writing. This more comes down to old work than my current style, admittedly, but I don't want to be misrepresenting myself. So there's that.

The hope is that I'll replace them soon with more updated works. Especially from my main project, but we'll see of course given any promises I make are about as reliable as Peter Molyneux's while off his meds.


I'm not dead! I'm just very busy.

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