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Hey there! Hope you decide to check out my new story :D Id be so grateful id you did.

My Storys

The Unwanted

Its mainly about an elf who is took as soon as she is born to be tested on. Its in a time when humans have discovered the many races they thought were myths and brought them back to a thriving population. Only to end up killing almost all of them, and using the rest as either test subjects or work animals.

Some of the populations they bring back are the Elves, Fairies, Griffins, Unicorns, Dwarves, Brownies, Pheonixes, and many more that I cant think up on the spot.

Altha, the main character and elf, is the only elf they have as a test subject. So shes never seen others of her kind. She stays in a room with four other girls and five guys.

Details on the charactersThe girls

Katie- The oldest one at 18 and she is actually a vampire. She was always thought of as wise...but she can get pretty crazy. Black hair, almost grey eyes, and sharper then normal canines. http:///72/01/58130172/photos/WHY-YOU-SHOUL-FEAR-MEH/emo.jpg

Altha- Second oldest at 16 and she is an elf. Her kind is always treated differently because of their abilities to have different powers than others. She still hasnt discovered her power. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and pointed ears, she is also my profile picture so go ahead and check it out. http:///user_images/K/KI/KIT/KITTENSANGEL/1244867833_3503_full.jpeg

Amara-Third oldest at 15 and she is a succubus. Similar to vampires in a way but not exactly the same. Dark brown hair with matching eyes, Sharp canines. http:///_cb20110121040225/gundam/images/3/30/Anime_Girl_Brown_Hair_by_Star_Aurora.jpg

Bridget-Fourth oldest at 15 and she is a siren. They are like mermaids but their songs attract men to them and then they kill them. She's never been able to sing her song to the workers because they always prevent her from doing so. Whte hair, green eyes, and a voice to die for , literally. http:///pictures/normal_iyf87uk9lgh.jpg

Rachel- The youngest at 14 and she is a naiad. Loves to control the water. Red hair, dark blue eyes, and the power to drown you. http:///image/red/animesk8rgirl/Anime/Girl_rik.jpg



Leo- The oldest at 19 and he is a werewolf. Pack leader that is always brought down by the succubus. Dark brown shaggy hair with matching eyes, and sharp teeth. http:///AnimeBoy4.jpg

Xavier- Second oldest at 17 and he is a mantacore. The tail that throws the spikes always has a deadly accuracy. Light brown hair, eyes that are almost black, and with his tail out...just watch out. http:///image/light/BlueandSilverLunarWolf/anime/furjacket.jpg

Bryce-Third oldest at 17 and he is a unicorn forced into a human form. Better known as a horse like creature with a spiral horn with a silvery-white coat. White hair, blue eyes, and a small star inhis forhead where his horn would grow. http:///image/silverhairanimeguy/Vampire_Lover_54/Anime/anime_boy.gif#!

Trevor-Fourth oldest at 16 and he is a sprite. He is always in his human form because he doesnt like being a "stupid fairy". Black hair, green eyes, and a short temper. http:///i/spire3/dc35df60e73838fb090d89def4c445161262953375_full.jpg

Landon-The youngest at 16 and he is a satyr. Usually in his human form and is an absolute freak. Red-brown hair, brown eyes, and sometimes you can see little horns. http:///user_images/L/LU/LUN/LUNAR678/1232470775_9165_full.jpeg

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