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Alert! My main story, The Deserters, will soon come off of this sight, at least temporarily, if not permanently.

I'll continue the project on my own. For one, I wanted feedback. The only reason I posted this on the internet was to get feedback. While that's not happening, what's the point in having my neck on the plagiarism chopping block? Another reason is how awfully behind it is. I know a lot more than I did when I last updated it. As I'm growing as a writer, it would be easier to keep the current content fresh while adding new content, if I removed it from the sight.

'Coeur Noir' is french for 'Black Heart,' a variant of my usual user/pen name 'Rabe Herzen,' which is 'Raven Heart' in makes me seem dark and deep, which...I'm sort of not.

In fact, I'm just that one "weird," shy girl we all vaguely know. The one who can only successfully speak to about twelve people.

I spend far too much time writing, drawing sporadic bits and pieces of inspiration from just about everything- especially novels like The Silence of the Lambs (Thomas Harris,) Rabbit Factory (Marshal Karp,) Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Jeff Lindsay) and Skin (Dekker's only good book,) films like The Crow, games like Fallout, Elder Scolls, and anything by Bioware. My biggest inspiration is without a doubt music...mostly punk, thrash metal, industrial, and jazz...

A social life won't be the reason for stalled updates because I don't really have one. [This is now kind of a lie! I got a social life. All at once. It is utterly terrifying.]

...I like satire...and it's safe to assume that almost everything I write probably has some thinly-veiled meaning or another...

I have to say, my stories are probably more expressive of me than this little blurb.

Feel free to contact me if you feel compelled to do so. (I know I just seem so warm and welcoming.)