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Author has written 6 stories for Mystery, Song, Love, Romance, and Horror.

Hello! This is GeCeforeva! I love to write short stories and long one-shots. =D


1) High Stakes - When Bella and Rosie discover a tunnel in their house, guess what they find out? Yeah, it sounds pretty bad, but just give them a try! I'm not very popular on Fanfiction. *Sad Face* =( So, you can help me by reviewing! I TAKE constructive criticism! As they say, nowhere to go but up!

2) The Other Side of Good and Evil aka TOSoGaE - How would you feel if you were the bad guy and you lost?

3) The Wrong House - "I walked into the house, feeling an...eerieness, like something wasn't right..." Rating will change to T in later chapters. Teaser is reloaded!


1) Falling (song)- "But I'm already falling for you." She doesn't want to like him, but sometimes love works in annoying ways. My first song. Hope you like! - keshafever

2) I Should Be Your Everything - No summary needed.

You say I'm not cool. But cool is another word for cold. If I'm not cold, I'm hot. I know I'm hot. Thanks for embracing it!

1. One of your scars, how did you get it?

No scars...happily...

2. What is on your walls in your room?

Pink and purple paint (wanna change it to green and white, my room was painted when I was seven), posters of Nikki Flores, Demi Lovato, a mirror, my bookbag...

3. Do you snore, grind your teeth or talk in your sleep:

My mom says I talk in my sleep.

4. What type of music do you listen to?

Pop, R&B, Rock!

5. Do you know what time you were born?

10:29 PM, my twin sis at 10:30 PM!

6. What do want more than anything right now?

My mango...

7. What do you miss?

My mango...

8. What are/ is your most prized possession/s?

My mango...

9. How tall are you?


10. Do you get claustrophobic?

Yes, but not easily.

11. Do you get scared in the dark?

Sadly, yes.

12. Last person to make you cry?

My crush

13. What is your fave perfume for a girl?

Enchanted by Taylor Swift

14. What kind of hair/eye colour do you like on the opposite gender?

Blond hair, blue eyes (and no, I'm not a Nazi)

15. Where can you see yourself being proposed to?

At a restaurant, maybe.

16. Coffee or energy drink?


17. What is your favorite pizza topping?

Cheese and mushrooms.

18. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

My mango...

20. Have you ever eaten a goldfish?

O_O No; and I don’t plan to…

21. What was the first meaningful gift you’ve ever received?

I have a lot of meaningful gifts...

22. Do you like anybody?

Yes; doesn't everyone? He has blond hair and blue eyes and he doesn't like me... ='(

24. Fave clothing brand?

Dream Out Loud

26. Do you have a pet right now?

Yes! (5, actually)

27. What kinds?

Dogs (Carter, Goliath, Peewee), fish (Mr. Fishman), parrot (Sarah).

28. Would you fall in love with a person, knowing that they’re leaving?

I would try not to, but I would anyway...

29. What is the best way to tell someone how much they mean to you?

Write a long, meaningful note and slip it in their locker...anonymous or not!

30. Say a number from one to a hundred:


31. Blondes or brunettes?


32. What is the one number you call the most?

My friend Tiffani; she's my BFFAEWEJKBJKOTOAIDDD!

33. What annoys you the most?

My sister

34. Have you ever been out of South Africa ?

Um, I'm from America...

35. Weaknesses:

a) Crushes

b) Demi Lovato music

c) Mangos

36. Met anyone famous?


37. First job?

Haven't had a job yet.

38. Ever done a prank call?


41. What were you doing before you filled this out?

Listening to Demi Lovato

40. Have you ever had surgery?


42. What do you get complimented most about?

Uh… my singing voice?

43. Have you ever had braces?


44. What do you want for your birthday?

Money to buy stuff

45. How many kids do you want?


47. Do you wish on stars?


49. What kind of shampoo do you use?

Head and shoulders (and no I don't have dandruff, it just keeps my hair really soft)

50. Do you like your handwriting?

Yeah, I like how I curl my y's.

51. What is your fave lunch meat?


52. Any bad habits?

Bite my lip

53. What CD are you most embarrassed to have on your shelf?

Hannah Montana

54. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

Heck yeah...

56. Do looks matter?

They shouldn’t, but they do

57. How do you release anger?

Punch a pillow

58. Where is your second home?

My friend Tiffani's house

60. What was your favorite childhood toy?

Um, idk

61. How many numbers are on your cellphone?

Don't have one :'(

62. Were you a fan of Barney as a kid?


63. Do you use sarcasm?

What, nooooo...

65. What do you look for in a guy?

Good personality, my boyfriend and my best friend, someone to make me laugh.

66. What are your nicknames?

Rach, Rach-Rach, sis, zitnose (Mom...*growls*)

67. Who is your fave band/ singer?

Nikki Flores

68. Fave TV shows:

Victorious, Shake It Up!

69. What was your ACT SAT score?

Haven't taken it yet

70. What’s your fave flavored ice- cream?

Mint chocolate chip!

71. Do you have all your fingers and toes?


72. When was the last time you worked out?

A week ago in gym class

73. Did you notice there was no #64?

74. What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone in a car?


75. Do you want everyone to answer these questions?

76. What are you listening to?

My brother playing a hockey game. Help me

77. Last thing you drank?


78. Last person you talked to on the phone?

My friend Tiffani

79. First thing you notice in the opposite gender?

Height, hair color,….looks in general

80. Favorite thought provoking song?

My Love Is Like A Star by Demi Lovato

81. Fave thing to hate?


82. Fave month of the year?


83. Fave zodiac sign?

85. What is your hair colour?

Dirty Blonde

86. Eye colour?


89. Fave fast food restaurant?

Taco Bell

90. Do you like sushi?


91. Last thing you watched?

Shake It Up

92. Fave day of the year?

May 5

93. Play any instruments?

My voice

94. Republican or Democrat?


95. Kisses or hugs?

96. Relationships or one- night stands?


97. What was the last thing you bought?

An album

98. What kind of car do you have?
none exsistent….

99. What book are you reading?

I am reading Skulduggery Pleasant and Vampire Academy

100. Describe your love life:

Non- existent!

Enjoy my stories! =D

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