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Name: DI (Define Incompetent).

Age: Old enough to kill, Old enough to drink (shonobi style)

Gender: Female

Location: England (United Kingdom), Europe, Earth, Solar System, Milkey Way, Universe. . . Errrrr

Likes: Football, Sleep, Food, Sleep, Animals, Sleep, Internet, Sleep, Music, Sleep, My iPod, Sleep, Fanfiction, Sleep, Anime, Sleep, Manga, Sleep, Phoenix, Sleep, Wolf, Sleep, Dragon, Sleep, Tiger, Sleep, Snake, Sleep, Evil Vampire Banana's, Sleep, My friends (Aww not!), Sleep, Assassin's, Sleep, My dog Rosie, sleep, ICT, Sleep, Graphics, Sleep, Art, Sleep, Black, Sleep, Red, Sleep, Neon Colours and oh Sleep! Plus Bugs Bunny!

Dislikes: School, Teachers, Work, Waking up, Runner Beans, Carrots, My friends Dog (it bit me!), Ducks, My Mum (She wont let me have a pet rat!), Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto), Sai (Naruto), L (Death Note), Anyone who dises Relentless, Crayons, Faires, Nutella, Anyone who calls me a goth (i have nothing against goths - just i am not one), Teddy Bears invading the white house, Doctors (they always have cold hands), Baby Pink, Squares, Grammar, English, German (not the poeple - just Learning the Languge, i suck), People who Dislike me, My friends Ex-Boyfriend (Both of them - Snowy and Ali), My (Personal) Computer, Smoking, Someone not letting me have their hat, People who diss my Shoes, Rasins, Orange Peal, Super Glue (guess what happened), The printer, Onions.

Hate: My English Teacher!

Five things I only like for ten minutes:

1. Waking up

2. My English Teacher

3. School

4. Carrots

5. One of my friends *cough*Cho*cough*

Quotes. . .

'I dont give a flyin f*ck' -

'To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short' - Confucius

'To the libary!' - CB and Cho (Soka from Avatar: the last Air bender)

'Friendly Mushrooms!' - CB and Cho (Soka from Avatar: the last Air bender)

'Whatever advice you give, be short' - Horace

'Anger is a short madness' - Horace

'I love Pie' - CB

'Things never work out the way we think they should or the way they were planned. It’s a constant – sort of like the laws of gravity. When the shit hits the fan, gravity will eventually pull it back down. Where it lands, now that’s the interesting part.' - Unknown

'Don't live in the Past, Live for the Future' -

'Come to the dark side, we have cookies!' - I dont know but you are awsome!

'I dont give a flyin f*ck, about your flyin f*ck, you mother f*cker' - . . . Cho

'Evil Vampire Bananas' -

'Hey, bro, the dog's sitting in your chair'
That's an improvement.' - CB Family (lol had to put it up)

'Ninja Skills, Ninja Skills *Punch* awww' - CB
'Fail' -

'Epic Fail' - who the hell came up with it?

'I'm not crazy, my reality is just different to yours' - me

"Old enough to kill, Old enough to drink, Old enough to Fu-"
"Anko don't you dare finish that sentence"

'Expensive things come in small packages, but so do explosives' -

'That was sick.'
'Are we talking a bit under the weather or full on projectile-vomiting and welded-to-the-toilet “sick”?'
'It’s more like “holy shit I’ve been bitch slapped by the utter awesomeness” sick.' - Unknown

'Whats the difference between brocli and boggies, kids eat boggies' - me

'Life is very short and what we have to do must be done in the now' - Audre Lorde

'ones eyes are the gate way to there soul' - Unkown

'Ali, move your donkey!' - CB
'So, I was wonderi- hey!' - Cho

'Life is too short to be living somebody else's dream' - Hugh Hefner

"Oh. My. God. It's a f*ckin teddy bear!' - Me

'The tidying fairy has spoken. Keep it good or I will cast a spell on you and your eyeballs will fall out and your teeth will go black.' - My Mother. . . creepy

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No glory in battle is worth the blood it costs reviews
Rider, I have sent this message to you, in a time of great need. Please, help the Kingdom of Ara, take back the land that belongs to them, and give the people hope that one day this conflict will end, for my people, for my family and for my soldiers.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,189 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 2/3/2012