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Welcome to those who have lost their ways to my humble profile. If you are here and wonder who the person that is me is, well let me introduce myself. I am Shinku no shi, Crimson Death. A human born on the 20th of August 1996 in the year of the mouse or rat. I am a male dreamer, a person who has endured hardships and a teribble loss. My mind might not be in the best state but my fantasies are. The ability to create visions and fantasies is still given to me so do not worry. This shall be all for now. Until we meet again, strangers. "Death is just another part of life, while life rovolves fully around death." - by me "People say that childish people behave differently than they should in their age. So if I don't behave like those idiots that are as old as I am, does that mean that I am childish? If it does, then you can conscider me the most childish person round here."- by me "Well, insanity is weird; you see we are all insane. If you have emotions, you will take actions that aren't purely logical, so you are insane. If you don't have emotions, then, since everyone else has emotions, will make you the opposite to the acceptable; therefore insane due to difference. " - by Soulblazer87, thx senpai! "Don't worry about the eye of the Beholder. I ripped it out and chomped it"- another one by senpai:D "insane people don't think they are insane. They think they are perfectly sane and everyone else is insane."- three times charm senpai^^ "a broken, insane man is dangerous because he is unpredictable. A man who has dived into his broken sanity and come out sane... that's an even more dangerous person." - a saying my senpai shoved under my nose. If this goes on my profile 'll be full in no timeXD "It's no use telling people the same things dozens of times. It's like throwing a stone at a kid. If you throw it at him once, he'll know that it hurts, throwing it at him all the time won't make it anything better."- by me "I don't hold grudges against people for being who they are, I hold grudges against them for acting like who they are."- by me "If someone hits you, you hit back to protect yourself. If someone kills and you kill him, are you any better than him?"- by me
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