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•Name: I'm not really particular about names, but you can call me Emme or Light.

I love/enjoy: books, usually genres dealing with fantasy, adventure, and sometimes historical and science fiction (these are usually my styles when it comes to writing as well), music (almost any genre), video games (I’m no good at them though), thunderstorms, the ocean, mythology, history(particularly World History), and Biology.

I loathe bad YA fiction, crappy romance books, Mary Sues/Marty Stus, metronomes, small dogs, and bad teachers (which, as I am currently in public school, I have to deal with a lot unfortunately).

Some might call me "nerd" or "geek" (I prefer intellectual bad-ass), but I really couldn’t care less what some think. I do like to write, and I am constantly coming up with new ideas, but as my brain is a disorganized mess, I have trouble putting them into story form.