Cory Archers
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Hey everybody! Cory here!

Well... I was born on October the Sixteenth and that rocks. I guess.
I'm a nerd.
I sing show tunes.
I have photographic memory.
I hate dresses.
I can curse like an effin sailor.
I can play guitar and the keyboard.
I love reading.
I'm addicted to writing.
I give honest opinions.
Those opinions can hurt.
I made a teacher cry. Oops.
I lost my mental virginity thanks to, so don't go there. EVER.
I want a bunny.
I want a wig.
I have an obsession with eyeballs.
I like food.
I like music.
I can scare you off with my randomness.
I have the ability to irritate you to the point that you'll laugh your effing ass off. But that depends on whether I want to. 3:)
Eggs are my drugs. Scrambled, boiled, omelettes, with cheese, sunny side up... heaven. :))
I'm too lazy to do homework, but I will annoy you with tidbits of trivia. :D
I have black hair.
I'd rather gain weight than lose it.
I have one heck of a temper.
I will cuss your name off and treat you like a saint, 'cause that's just me. :P
I think Ed Sheeran is cool.
I can't believe you're still reading this.
I'm on Wattpad as leeleemengokakamuch
I think I'll end here.