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At first, I got a FictionPress account because I wanted to be able to read people's stories, review them, and then maybe have conversations with other authors. So far, that's all I've done. I've been working on many originals of my own but never really bothered to share them, apart from amongst a small group of friends. I had been getting quite pumped about three stories in particular: 'Run.', 'Regret' and 'The Falcon'.

The moment of typing up this profile (8:30pm, 18th of May, 2012) 'Run.' has 129 pages, 'Regret' has 13 pages and 'The Falcon' has 3 pages.

I am hoping to finish 'Run.' and perhapse get it published, so just in case, I might not post it online. I have just uploaded the first few chapters of 'The Falcon' for you to get a taste of my writing style, and after seeing what sort of reviews I receive, I will consider posting 'Regret'.

All three stories have a link to each other, mainly noticeable in 'Run.' and 'Regret'. Although 'The Falcon' is also well and truely linked, it is set a good eleven years before the others, which start on the exact same day at roughly the same time. Only after reading one of the others right through and reading 'The Falcon' will the connection be noticeable. I am just letting you know in case I do end up posting them and you get confused because they are so similar.

Anyway, if you ever wish to ask me something (about stories or general knowledge), feel free to PM me. (I am also pretty good at maths, so if you ever require assistance... ;P)

-Thanks :)

Back again, and much sooner than I had first thought... I decided to go ahead and post the first 9 chapters of 'Regret'. Feel free to check it out, and please don't hesitate to review. Good or bad, I don't mind.

-Never let bad reviews stop you :)

I'm evil to my characters, I realise this. A vast majority of them start with a happy, normal life. Then I turn them into my own little puppets (but what else is writing fiction for ;P). I guess if they could come out of my imagination into the real world, they would slap me. Well, Sammy, Ray, Jason, and their side of characters would slap me. Bloody Falcon would stab me to death, or maybe slit my throat to watch the blood flow. Harrison would definately shoot me. Victor and Davis wouldn't, they're pretty happy with their lives.

Hang on... My favourite characters, and the good characters, would hate me. The ones that people are to despise would friggen give me a medal. Damn, I'm messed up!

And if you are slow and haven't realised, I did not plan this profile update. I actually started with a simple comment and then got into a conversation with myself. I do that sometimes... And so does my best friend. However she speaks aloud and freaks/confuses the hell out of people around us ;D I guess I sorta like being a little messed up (haha, 'a little' XD)

-Keep being yourself :)

Ok. Been a long time since I've been on fictionpress. Over a year since I updated this profile...

Anyway, thinking of putting a story up... It will be rated M, however, and I warn people now. This isn't the sort of thing I usually write, but this morning I woke up from the worst nightmare I've ever had. And I'm writing it down because it would make a great story. I hope like hell that my dreams aren't trying to warn me of something though... *Shudders*

I might post this one as I write it, one chapter at a time. I've updated the email address I'm using now, so reviews and PMs will actually reach me. Sorry about being slack...

Also trying to draw the scar that I gained in this dream. It's disturbing as hell, but I might post it with the story (if I can) because I'm horrible at describing an image.

-Tu es parfait :)

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