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So i finally started up a story on here it took awhile for idea to pop but i got it. I'm really not going to put much up here because most of the info is on my other profile on F/F. The story i have now on here is my first story so dont be afraid to critize as long as its helpful.

Um some things i really hate on here: When people put lyrics in a story, like in between the paragraphs...i hate that. Eh when people follow my story and not Review i mean the button is Right there>>> you might as well say something about it. I dont know if anyone seen this before but when people dont know how to use the Quotation marks Example: ,Hi my name is blah blah blah, i mean those aren't even Quotations mark?!?!?!? Df. i really hate it when people put a whole bunch of shit before the chapter starts. i mean i did it before but it was more like a rant for somone who being a complete ass to my story. Another is when people say they hate my story yet there reviewing it on chapter if you hate so much why the fuck are you still reading it.

My first story is BodyGuard and in Progress and would really love some more Feedback on it. It is also featured on DeviantArt.

Oh and im 100% sure that there will be a Sequel to BodyGuard so look forward to that.

Okay i think im going to start doing weekly updates just to tell you guys whats going in in my crazy little head of mine. So the first thing on my to do list is Cam and Nathan. I know i said i would make a sequel, however im just completely blank on how to start it out. (Writers Block if you will). Anyway my beta told me that i need to just take my mind off it and he'll handle it. Meaning he'll probably come up with crazier ideas then mine, but hey whatever works. Soooo in the meantime i shall present to you guys a fill-in story as i like to call it. Which brings us to number two on the to do list. While my beta is jotting down some plot lines. I Shall present to you a lovely little story that's been dancing around in my head for quite a while now. I have a feeling to where this story is gonna go but im not sure how long i want it to be.


Well first of the main characters names are Zayne (A cute freckled faced brunette whose to happy for his own good and then theres Kaleb, the indifferent redhead with love issues.

Takes place during college.

Loss issues, confusion, Hate, Lust and anything else you could think of is going into this story.

Kay so first chapter of When Emotion's Fly is out. Hope you guys like. Next Chapter will probably be out sometimes this week, maybe thurs, possible friday.

Other Profile>>>>

I have an account on WattPad, because I started writing Larry Stylinson fic because there just so freaking cute together. Anybody else who ships these two look me up on this site>>>>

So I'm just going to post that story _ on here to so i could be easier for people are used to this site better than the other c:

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When Emotion's Fly reviews
Zayne is a happy go lucky kid. Life is going pretty well for him. Until his bestfriend discovers his secret and now everythings turns to shit. He's now made another personaility to deal with emotions that he's feeling, one day he's smiley and the next day he's depressed In comes Kaleb and wonders what happened to the boy to make him feel this way. Kaleb wants to help Smut Slash Sex
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Jake has it rough and i mean real rough,daily beatings at school,Sucky Stepfather,not a friend in the world until he meets Christian. "I wont let you get hurt again," he says. "I'll protect you," he says. "Let me be your BodyGuard." "Let me love you," he says. In Jakes mind he honestly doubted that Christian had the effort to do such a thing...but oh was he wrong. Slash..M/M.
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