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Age: 17.0 (to 3.s.f)

About me: I'm currently a full-time Poly student. So now I have lesser to really write and update.The Olympian Flame is a story that I have created and thought about since I was 4. You know, it would be too bad if I don't do anything about this story after managing it for 12 years. My English really sux but I really think I should give it a shot at writing. I got a C6 in my 'O' Levels this year, only a just pass. As a Singaporean, I would prefer to include some of my language, known as Singlish, in my works. Hope this could at least make my works a little more unique. PM me if you guys still can't catch a ball about the context so I could continue to make them much easier to understand.

I am an otaku (fan) of Tokusatsu, especially Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. Recently, I also picked up a lot of light novel and shounen animes such as Kaze no Stigma, R-15, and Papakiki and a magical girl anime called Pretty Cure. I drew a lot of inspiration from these great series. Credits to them!

English Used: British (Singapore), a bit of Singlish sometimes xp

Favourite Book: To aru Majutsu no Index (The best selling light novel now in the world! XD)

About The Olympian Flame: Nah, this story came about when I was still a child. I can't stand cold things and I sneeze a lot, even after I've grown up. Therefore, I (as a child) thought that I could perform Pyrokinesis and started fantasizing everything and everyone around me into my own world. That became the basis for my story.

When I was Sec 1, there was a school project which required us to compose and write our own Chinese novels. At first, I thought of not doing the project until one month before the deadline. It was when I first stepped into the world of writing. I never felt that great. Finally, I decided to give it a shot and write about the story which would become the prototype for my current novel.(I can't remember the name, but it should be Shi Er Chuan Ren which means The Twelve Chosen Ones in Chinese.) Due to the shortage of time, I was forced to complete it in only 12 chapters, much less than the 30 chapters I'd expected. I couldn't fully explain about the story and properly complete the design and the cover page of the book. Hence I was given enough marks for me to pass the project. All I could do was to regret about the imperfection of my work.

Since then, I never ever enjoyed any form of languages and literature. It was only until when I was a Sec 4 student, preparing for my 'O' Levels examinations. My English teacher noted to me that she enjoyed my fantasy stories I had submitted to her as homework. I then started writing more fantasy stories to practice and prepare for my 'O' Levels English paper. Soon, I rediscovered my passion for writing. I was disturbed by the fact that I got a pathetic C6 for English in my national exams.

However, after one month of self-comfort and self-motivation, I decided to write again. This time, a truly complete story. I started recalling, restructuring and re-enforcing the story of Shi Er Chuan Ren. In order to learn more about how to write a novel and creating my own writing style, I started to pick up some of the stories in FP and light novels. At first it was difficult for me; I could turn sleepy after reading a page or two of my light novels! After some time, 'ta da'! Finally, I came out with the story, 'The Olympian Flame'.

About the title of 'The Olympian Flame' : At the beginning, I thought, the main character has the ability of pyrokinesis, so the title should be something to do with fire or flame. After some thought, I called it 'The Flare'. However, when I was about to submit my story to FP, I thought the title still sounded too 'plain' and 'simple'. Then I thought about the Olympian gods, and they reminded me of the Olympic Flame. But 'The Olympic Flame' was still not the title what I really wanted. So I decided to play withe the words, and 'The Olympian Flame' was the final result. It was basically a corrupted version of the term 'Olympic flame'. And lastly, I have some secret to share, the title has something to do with the plot of the story. Just read and find out! ^^

Some of side notes: I've changed the term 'Mana' into 'Poros' in my current novel 'The Olympian Flame'. This sounds better I guess as I wanted my own term for 'Mana' in my own series.

Future Plans: I'm planning to write a side story for 'The Olympian Flame' in around fall in this year. Please review the main story or PM me if you have some ideas to give for the side story. The main character for it will be Pandora and the story will contain more mature contents and themes than the main story such as romance. And the first arc of 'The Olympian Flame' is already finished. Soon, I will be writing the second and the first major arc of the series.

I also plan to split my story into two parts. While the 1st part is based on Western Mythology, the 2nd part will be based on Eastern Mythology. PM me if you have any opinions about this plan. Thanks for your support! ;)

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