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Hello all you unfortunates that are reading this. I'm Kate, a complete Anime fanatic and absolute Yaoi lover. I've been at this writing thing for a while now (over a year, yea for me!) and I have not grown up at all. I'll tell you this now. 15 years old, with the mentality and attention span of a 15 week old. And people, I am Canadian! I live in hell a.k.a Quebec, (yes I know, you all pity me. I pity myself.) I'm a hyper girl that loves sports (rugby, soccer and basketball) and the color green is my trademark color. I hate Sora and Kari from Digimon (which is THE greatest show alive despite the fact I was double the age of everyone who was in the theater when the movie was playing) Yea, my parents think I'm odd... WHO DOESN'T?

I have some incredible friends in real life that also write for . S-zza, Jou-chan and G. These guys kick ass, try and hit their works if you can.