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February 21, 2012: A new year, a new beginning. And yes people, I know that this "new year" has technically already been a "new year" for quite some time now, but just go with the flow dammit. Anyways, this account has been created in honor of my finally deciding that as weird and tiring and all around non-happy place as this world is, it still just is. We each have to work on our own little corners of the world, no matter how difficult or impossible. We can whine and complain and feel generally deceived and betrayed--which we all have a right to feel, no matter what anyone says--but I do not think that these feelings should define us. So, on that note, we must all go forward and, for lack of better words, kick some butt.

And yes, I said butt. :)

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Now, For a Very Vague Biography

Age: I'm baby-faced and seemingly ageless. That's all you really need to know about me. Except, apparently, when I'm hoped up on sugar I turn into a two-year-old trapped in a twelve-year-old's body. Go figure.

Description: Physically, I'm nondescript and I'm really okay with that. I don't make children cry and I count that as a plus. After all, I've been told that babies are the best judges of character. Or was that puppies? Oh well.

Life: It's beautiful and terrifying and downright hostile. But you know, it's still life and we all deserve a chance to live it how we know best. Right?

Upcoming Projects:

I'm the kind of girl who loves to think way too much and who's been called a hopeless romantic who really knows nothing about being romantic. My definition of love and affection is probably very different from everyone else--I think. I also love action and drama and twists and turns of every kind so expect that from me often. I'm the kind of person that likes to put my characters through hell and then give them their happily-ever-after. After quite a bit of swearing and bloodshed of course. So please, people, give my stories a shot. I'll love you forever.

Guilty Crown (title pending):

There are moments when the quiet becomes unbearable. When she fully understands the power searing through her veins, when the scars on her back bleed and writhe without mercy. It is at during those moments, when she knows that soon the world will make its judgment and she will be at their call.

Guilty Crown reviews
They say that they were once favored by God. That they were loved and cherished above all others. They say that they have a power we will never understand, that they carry inside their hearts the secrets of the heavens and the possibilities of our future. They say that they are here to judge, to understand, but I say that they are here to carry the world away.
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