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Hey. Ash here.

I'm alive. Or I may be a zombie. The rest is up to you to fill in the blanks with your own jibjab.

Which Doctor Am I?


[ ]You think you’re better than other species (more specifically; humans)
[ ]You’ve run away from home
[ ]You have been bullied
[x]You are frequently sarcastic
[x]You have brown eyes
[x]You occasionally wear a cape
[x]You wear reading glasses
[ ]People say you’re very wise
Total: 4

[ ] Justice and righteousness are important to you
[ ]You are ruthless
[ ]You like playing the recorder
[x]You consider yourself a genius
[x]Your pockets hold EVERYTHING
[x]You like hats
[ ]Your eyes change color
[x]You can be a bit childish
Total: 4

[x]You love science
[ ]You want peace between everyone
[ ]You are a master of aikido
[x]You love playing with gadgets
[x]You tend to be optimistic
[x]You occasionally perform magic tricks
[x]You also love vintage cars
[x]You can be somewhat bitter
Total: 6

[x]You wear long scarves. Very long scarves
[x]Yo-yos are fun to play with
[x]You occasionally wear floppy hats
[ ]Would you like a jelly baby?
[x]Your personality is very different from others
[ ]Your pockets are dimensionally transcendental
[ ]People say you’re charming
[ ]You can tell if you can trust someone or not right away
Total: 4

[ ]You wear “brainy specs” to look clever, when need be
[ ]You can be a bit venerable
[x]You prefer thinking and problem solving over physical activity
[ ]You hate violence
[x]You like celery
[x]You tend to panic when under pressure
[ ]Rosemary makes you sneeze
[ ]You will openly express your hopes and fears to your companions(friends)
Total: 3

[x]You can be compassionate, but hardly anybody but your friends see this side
[x]You also can be very arrogant
[x]And melodramatic
[x]You decided to become a vegetarian, but have abandoned that practice
[x]You love poetry
[x]You are very fond of cats
[x]You have problems with directions
[ ]You are very determined to do what is right
Total: 7

[x]People don’t really trust you
[ ]You tend to act like a fool to hide your intellect
[x]You have a very dark side, though
[ ]You like chess
[ ]You would rather use words to resolve problems instead of violence
[x]You use umbrellas to accomplish tasks other than keeping the rain off of you
[ ]You are very eccentric
[ ]You like manipulating people
Total: 3

[ ]You love and respect all life
[ ]You are very romantic
[x]You often have panic attacks
[ ]You don’t understand the idea of gloating
[x]You have a habit of repeating someones name when trying to make a point
[x]Or when excited
[ ]You have smoked
[ ]You are very afraid of heights
Total: 3

[x]You like wearing leather jackets
[x]You can be very emotional
[x]Although, you can hide your sorrow with manic behavior and wit
[ ]You can be ruthless
[x]You cuss frequently
[x]You tend to say “fantastic” a lot
[x]You like bananas
[x]You can be violent
Total: 7

[x]You are a happy person
[x]You are also enthusiastic, especially at inappropriate times
[ ]You feel very lonely
[x]You are a fan of Harry Potter
[ ]You are a very forgiving person
[x]You prefer rock music
[x]You think that life is beautiful
Total: 6

[x]You don’t care if people think you’re eccentric
[x]You can be very childlike
[x]Fezzes are cool
[ ]You have a very good memory
[x]You talk with your hands
[x]You tend to ramble a lot
[ ]You would rather face situations alone, rather than put your friends at risk
[ ]You have green eyes
Total: 5

Mix of Six and Nine. Fantastic!

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