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Welcome to my little playground of original stories! I've been writing for decades, mostly short pieces for classes or workshops, until 2011 when the 'fanfiction' bug bit me hard. The result is a wealth of fiction out on the sister site at FanFiction.net. If you like Lord of the Rings, Elder Scrolls, and Warcraft, there's something for you there. But it's me, so you'd better like Orcs, too. :)

But here, I will feed my inner need to create that which belongs to no one else. I began building the world of Kadir more than twenty years ago, and it has languished for at least half that time. Looking at it now, I see great potential as a setting for stories that need to come out of me and have no other home. Let's explore this strange new world together, shall we? :)


Kadir is a vast continent rich in resources and stories. Historically, there have been many conflicts over rulership of the eastern provinces. The western areas tend to be brought in line with little bloodshed. Once peace is established out east, the wave of change overwhelms the west. They are accustomed to shrugging and following the whims of the day.

Of races, there are few. Elves once ruled unchallenged for hundreds of years following the Anjhan Invasion, the point in time from which all calendars begin. In the two thousand years since, Men and Elves have been trading control in the bloodiest manner possible. Shorter-lived and quicker-tempered, Men favored enslaving the conquered Elves, which tended to prompt uprisings, more war, and a shift in power. The Elves, ever disdainful of those they considered 'spoiled and unruly children,' applied swift and painful justice for wrongs committed. Often, this justice was prolonged, coupled with demotion of Men to little better than slaves. Again, prompting uprisings and war.

For the Dwarves' part, they keep to themselves in their sequestered communities over or under the mountains they call home. To see a Dwarf outside of their settlements is a rare thing indeed. They have no time for, or interest in, the intrigues of the east. There is ore to delve and beauteous things to craft. Men and Elves alike come to them for trinkets, weapons, and armor. The Dwarves are aligned with neither faction, nor do they seek such annoyances.

And then there are Orcs. Nobody likes them. Nobody cares what they think.


TAKEN OFFLINE - This story will be professionally published when I finish it, so I've taken it offline to avoid possible plagiarism or unauthorized use. When I get it published, I'll update here to let you all know.


The Mason and the Maid - set in a rather slapped-together, pseudo-medieval world. I'm building as I go, but essentially your standard fantasy races are all living in relative harmony. It's kind of feudal, in that there's a landowner class with the obligatory tenants handling the commerce and agrarian aspects. So far, anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can become a landowner - it's not racially specific. Orcs tend to maintain a more tribal, less 'civilized' lifestyle, but are by no means primitive. Elves are the only long-lived race. TAKEN OFFLINE

Legacy - set in a world very like our own. I'll start writing in this one eventually. Again, fantasy races living in harmony, this time in a modern setting. Even fantasy worlds have to grow up someday. ;) In the distant past, Orcs were bred for war and not much else. They were used by whatever evil overlord was in power at the time. At the peak of a violent conflict between the Forces of Good and Evil, a single Orc decided to change the mold, and set in motion the events that would lead to equality and citizenship for Orcs ever after. Our 'hero' is descended from this visionary Orc, much to his constant dismay. ;)


Melting Stone Fanart:

Kurdog, by *arowell
Smexy Kurdog, by *arowell

My Gallery of Kadir Chronicles Art

Assemble at the Gates:

Grogul, Pathfinder half-orc - This image represents my personal reference for what the Orcs in the Land look like. They don't dress quite this snappily, favoring animal skins and leather when they bother to dress, but in terms of facial features and body shape, this is close enough. :)

My Gallery of AatG Art

Aengus, by Helenamarkos
Andi and Rhonda, by Kittenjammer

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