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Hello, I'm R.S Daisy,

For those who would like to know, I have a FanFiction account under the name Amakatsu, and a Wattpad account under Shoujoaiaddict333

About me

I mainly deal in Manga, a lot of fantasy and such, but I just roll with any ideas I get.

I LOVE KITTENS I just so happen to have a purring one on my shoulder, (her name is Lilly we just got her a month or two ago, she is soooo cute.) My favorite bands and artists are Rise Against, Paramore, P!nk, Seether, Three Days Grace, 3 Doors Down, Skillet, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Blake Shelton, Dolly Parton, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Hollywood Undead, Story of the year, Hoobastank and more...

I am very interested and absolutely love aggressive inline skating, I really want to get a pair of SSM John Bolino Pro Skates. I am aiming to be a psychiatrist.

I have R.N.D

I have focused my attention to the many neglected pieces on Fanfiction and haven't gotten around to these ones so there are grammar/spelling mistakes but I will. Promise.

Favorite Anime/Manga that I highly recommend, (The order is random)

1. Naruto --Many people make fun of it and I can agree on its flaws especially the eng. dub tv shows but being the first anime I really watched it will hold a special place in my heart. Manga is coming to an end I can tell. The manga is amazing especially chapters 590 and up. I absolutely LOVE Itachi, Sasuke and Orochimaru. The secrets they have between them, its so EPIC. I love Sauske and Hinata as a pairing.

2. Full Metal Alchemist orig. and Brotherhood--for those of you who have watched/read it I don't need to say how amazing it is, for those who haven't I highly recommend that you do. FMA brotherhood follows the manga exactly, the orig. didn't because the manga didn't come out fast enough but for making it up as they went it wasn't too bad. The best movie I think is Conquer of Shambalal. The artwork was amazing, and everything about it was very well done. Al's voice cracks at times BUT it adds to the awesomeness I think. It is a shame though that the same voice actor for Al couldn't be used in Brotherhood because the actor was getting older. (hence the change in voice during the movie.)

3. Canaan--I wish it wasn't so short the characters and plot don't get much attention but the whole girls with guns fighting was good. The english dub gets the name wrong though, the pronunciation just sounds weird and makes Canaan seem really masculine.

4. Fairy Tail--I loved the manga so much, the english anime was a litle weird hearing the voices but I liked watching it, just to see it in motion and everything. Erza Scarlet is my all time favorite and when she was kidnapped with the Gerard Arck was EPIC!!. Her ans Gerard are an amazingly sweet couple, for those who are/and have read it will see the nice side of Gerard in the latest chapters.

5. ORESAMA TEACHER! -the best I can't wait for the next chapter to come out. Don't read this at 1 in the morning when your not supposed to be up, don't read it in school, don't read it in a library. Read it when you are by yourself so you can laugh as much as you want.

6. Inyuyasha: It is long but VERY addicting it's hard to just stop watching it. Certain elements can be sad but it is a very sweet romance and a great deal of comedy. This band of humans and demons that are searching for the evil villain, the cliche stuff, but hardly boring and normal without the element of DBZ how they're always fighting some bad guy. It had an interesting story line as well involving the feudal era. Don't be swayed or disappointed by the ending cause The Final Act part of Inyuyasha is phenomenal, and will be worth it.

7. Blood plus--I really liked the anime, but reading some parts of the manga made me like it even better. It's an interesting take on a type of Vampire species and different organizations. But some characters that feel useless and often really are useless that want to save the day really annoyed me but if none of that and the demon/vampire and other elements bother you then please really do watch it. There is a spin off of it, Blood C, but it's more if you want to watch some creepy psychological stuff with a whole lot of blood. But the movie was good.

8.Pandora hearts--I read the latest chapter and watched the anime. The latest chapter was Fantastic. So many secrets get revealed and the psychological thrill of it all is truly the greatest. . I recommend to anyone to read this once you think you know something the whole plot gets turned around and you have no clue what could happen next. The author truly worked hard on it and the story just keeps you guessing. But this type of story can be rather difficult to collect fans, just like D-gray man and Blue Exorcist. Its because the plot can be hard to follow and deeper than most Manga. But that is a whole other story. Trust me READ IT!

9.Bleach--I did watch it for a time and will pick it up again. Bleach is ridiculed by many because of the powers they suddenly posses without explanation in the anime, but the manga is really good. For trying to make it into an anime I think that they did a really good job, I haven't watched it but I hear that the anime came to an end.

-I just finished watching the latest part in the aime...frichin AWESOME...but there is one more arch. It was such an amazing ending

And for the manga in the latest higher chapters there is such a fantastic twist that I am very excited to see more of, and if you want to see why Unohana is so scary, it is all revealed in those chapters.

I have to say my favorite physical forms of the zanpaktos is Horinmaru, Haineko, Sode no Shirayuki, Zabimaru, and Kazeshini. I really love Toshiro Hitsugaya, Rangiku Matsumoto, Yoruichi Shihoin, Kisuke Urahara and the guys from the Urahara shop, Hollow Ichigo, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, Kukaku Shiba, Kenpachi Zaraki, Yachiru Kusajishi, Nanao Ise, Shunsui Kyoraku, Momo, Restu Unohana, Gin, Sui-Feng, Mashiro Kuna, Tatsuki Arisawa, Karin Kurosaki,

10. Soul Eater --I have to say that I am obsessed and I was reading the fight on the moon. This, I feel is slighty hard to write about (only for me) It is filled with witches and actually is kind of prejudice, but you probably wouldn't notice it since it seems like a clean cut, these guys are bad these guys are good type of thing. The whole idea of students that can turn into weapons is really cool and I haven't seen it anywhere really. It is a manga that you will certainly enjoy reading because it has a laid back sense but is serious all the same. And parts are actually very funny, especially with Kid and Blackstar

--I really like Liz, death the kid, patty, blackstar, and Tsubaki. My fav pairing is LizxDeath the kid

11. Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi --This is Very funny,It can be a little extreme in terms of these super human martial artists, and the stupidity of it all can be hard to get through but all in all it is a pretty good manga, and the anime wasn't half bad, there are some elements that are really suddenly unexplainable but the characters just make it seem acceptable.

--My favorite character is Shigure, Kushinada chikage, and Kushinada Mikumo, Tanimoto Natsu, Sougetsu ma, Kensie Ma, Rachel(castor) and Pollux the Stanley twins, (when Kenichi fought pollux and then wanted to save pollux's sister was touching). But I like kisara nanjo too. My favorite pairing is Honaka and Natsu I know that it screams pedophile but the relationship between them is really sweet, and could bud into a tender type of romance. ewww I got too emotional XD

12. BACCANO! --This is one of the best animes It has a very american style to it, and is one of those Animes that have the Perfect voice actors, I actually for once prefer the English over the Japanese just because of how good it sounds. It is funny, ominous, and psychotic in a way. A great anime that deserves a few more fans than it has. It is short and can be hard to stomach or follow but once your finished you will want more.

--I love Ladd, Miria and Issac, the rail chaser, chane, fav couples chane and Claire (rail chaser), Ladd and Lua.

13. Air gear--This has lots of cursing and can be veeery stupid but it is so emotional I really cant help but to love it. Also in Kenichi some things are just ridiculously unexplainable and is targeted to guys mostly but I just think the whole idea of it is really awesome, the Anime's ending is a little rocky and I had trouble finding the rest of it, so finding the part where the Anime left off in the manga would be best and continuing from there, Because there are only slight differences between the two

--I love Mikan she is my favorite so is Ume(Shiraume), and Spitfire. I like fang king agito, I really like Lind, Kazu (kazuma) and Emily are a cute couple, I like them too. I think Ikki and Ringo belong together. I like Yayoi N. I think that her and Agito would look cute together.

14. Rosario Vampire -- For who ever is going to try this out I will say READ IT FIRST!!! the anime amounts to nothing compared to the manga. The anime is a complete waste and a joke, okay thats going over board but by the end things get weird and they start singing... These are my words of wisdom children.

--btw I think Fong-fong and yukari-chan are cute together

15. Vampire Knight--Although its great some things put me off and it grew tired but it is a perfect series for Vampire lovers and a certain shock at the end! But the heaviness is leveled out but a little comedy and the ending was quite amazing, you would not be wasting your time watching it the seasons are about 13 episodes if I remember correctly, I wouldn't have chosen the voice actors for the characters they put it sounded strange to me, but it was probably just me, it wouldn't hurt to watch it in sub.

--I love Shiki and Rima those two are the best, I also really like Takuma Ichijo, Akatsuki Kain, I kinda liked Hanabusa and Kaname. My favorite couples are Ruka and Kain, and Shiki X Rima. After re watching it in english dub I had taken a liking to Ichiru and shizuka as a couple. It was a little sad when she died.

16. Gakuen Alice-- I really liked reading it I haven't watched it so I can't say anything about the Anime, but I don't think it will be as good as the manga, it gets so emotional I swear I might have cried slightly (my tiny girlish side coming out) it gets all crazy and stuff and fights start till stuff calms down and it gets cute again. the special ability idea is cool, but the way they are classed are more interesting
-- I really love Nobara and Persona

17. Night School the Werin books--I really liked reading this I have all of the books that are out so far I really wish that the author would continue it.This is more of an american style though, but it is way to interesting to let something like that be a bother, there are only 5 volumesw out so far (as I believe it) but I couldn't wait for the next ones to get out when I was waiting, there are so many secrets, and the characters are fantastic.

--My favorite characters are Alex and Sarah Treveny, Nicholas, Madame Chen, Noh(Nadezhda), Teresa, Reau, Marina, I think thats it...

18. Code Breaker--I would like to say that this manga is AMAZING it is so emotional and dramatic, with action, blood shed, and what true justice really means. I highly recommend this to anyone. It really is a super hero type of thing but it has elements of true Family

--Favorite couple Sakura and Ogami, Rui with Kouji.I like a lot of characters but who I reeeeally love is "Prince" code 5 Rui Hachiouji she is suuper cool I really really love when she uses her dark side. the fight with her brother was awesome. My favorite character is Yuuki-kun the third code:breaker that uses sound when he loses his power he turns into a really cuuuute cat, and Toki-kun code 4 and his sister Nenene an ex code: breaker. they both use magnetism, I like toki even more when he became the Joker. Fussy Lunch guy is cool too

19. Wild ones--I especially love wild ones because of the yakuza she lives with and all of the funny things they get themselves into, it really is more of a comedy and the Romace is like Kaichou Maid sama

20. Masturi special--Matsuri is a girl that like all others just wants to be normal and goes after the guy she likes (more like stares) but her father wants her to be a wrestler, and she tries to keep it from everyone because no one likes a tough girl. II really think this is a good manga, it was funny, and the ending was really cute.

21. Fly high--I cant believe how many times the main character gets injured. In a way I didn't really like the ending but it was fairly good and funny, something to consider if you want a quick nice read.

22. Change 123-- I almost cried when I finished this, it was a very good read. If you want to read a martial arts and romantic story this would be it. It's a classic story of the underdog rising up and meeting that perfect girl, it's exactly like Ah! My Goddess meets Strongest Disciple Kenichi But this would be targeted for guys with slight harem.

23. 7th Period is a Secret--oh my, oh my, I really enjoyed this. It's a short very sweet love story. (teacher and Student)

24. Bamboo Blade--you have to read this when you can crack up to your hearts content. But the fact that its funny is my opinion some might disagree. This is a good manga about Kendo, and a group of girls that become better friends through the hardships they face together. I don't really like the job they did on the anime. My favorite character is Saya I love it when she tries too do something new. It would take too long to ramble about this manga I don't know where to start. I was in tears at the end of volume 14, it is so emotional YOU MUST READ IT TO UNDERSTAND!!!

25. Akuma to love song--everything was all happy and then BAM it was so depressing all of a sudden.

26. I Am Here--This is a sweet manga, Its cute and adorable, a little on the short side, it's a wonderful story of a girl that is finally seen for who she is and falls in love.

27. Freezing--I absolutely love this show and manga it is amazing especially the manga. Too bad my favorite character died in vol 13 T_T. Although I wish that their clothes would stop getting torn off ALL the time.

28. Black Lagoon--I happened to stumble upon this and was interested. I was a bit taken back with a lot of the cursing but all of the characters are really funny. The lagoon company get themselves in all kinds of dangerous jobs mostly relating back to Roanapur a city for drug dealers and all kinds of scum. They are a comedy team especially Revy with her sarcasm. But the show really reflects on the disgusting part of human society. Revy is the gunman and an awesome character, I hope the manga continues without any problems but I hoped for some more development with the characters. By far it was a really great show/manga.

29. Half prince--a really great read. I love how bloody she can get, uh well in the game he...But the whole idea of the game is really cool and the characters are so interesting and it doesn't have any elements of a cliche, the characters are really care free and it's such a super hero type but not the ones that would get on your nerves of something.

30. Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan: Precious lies--A short 6 chapter read that shows the broken life of kidnapped victims on the murderers that surround them. The lying Mii-kun that wants to protect a broken Maa-chan with blood on her hands. There was a really strange and great twist it was certainly freaky at parts but it's original.

31. Sword Art Online-This is amazing!It had good fighting scenes romance adventure, a true tear jerker all the way. The episodes skip to the future because it would take too long to go over everything, so when you watch the second episode and feel like you missed something it's supposed to be that way. I recommend watching it english sub.

32. Chrono Crusade-Another that has to do with religion and demons, It was very good, especially the ending. But it felt inconclusive

27. Rose Hip Rose--this is a really great story but I wish that there could have been more to it. The story starts to vary from the original prequel but is still good, and it follows Kasumi Asakura code name Rose Hip she is only in high school but because of her past she fights crime and terrorist acts. A boy in her class referred to as perverted classmate, follows her and ends up getting pulled into all of it.

28. Rose Hip Zero--Prequel to Rose Hip Rose, Kasumi is fighting against the dark monster killing machine inside of her Ein and focused on defeating ALICE a terrorist group who wants to re make a perfect world with destruction.

Both of these have to do with demons, a spiritual type of thing, if you will. This makes them less popular because the subject of it can relate back to God.

29 Ao no Exorcist-Blue Exorcist-I really enjoyed the Manga, the entire story line is actually pretty good and all of the characters are likable. It follows a teen who discovers he is the son of Satan and decides to become an exorcist in order to kill Satan.

30. D-Gray Man-Honestly I'm not sure exactly how to describe D-Gray Man. It's a little odd


Funny/ interesting things/other quotes and stuff...

One bright morning...
in the middle of the night,
two dead boys came out to fight.
they stood back to back
and faced each other
drew their swords
and shot each other.
the deaf policeman heard the noise
and came to kill
those two dead boys.
If u don't believe my story
its true ask the blind man he saw it too! - someone wrote this, but i'm not sure who. Frizzles i couldn't help but to post this


"OK, any questions?"

"Yes, why are you the leader?"

"No questions? Good let's go."

Quotes from Mulan

Mom: "I should have prayed to the ancestors for luck"

Grandmother: "How lucky can they be, they're dead."

"My son became an acupuncturist"

"Well we all can't be acupuncturist"

"Noooo your great granddaughter had to be a cross dresser!"

God's foolishness is greater than man's wisdom

awesome vid -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IAhDGYlpqY

"I have a graduate degree from the Science and Engineering department of a national university and you want me to be a check out girl?"

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