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I made this account because I have written a story that I would like to share and because I don't just do fanfictions. I've got a user on and my penname is the same used here Guitargirl-Ella :) I'm completely new to writing, and I thought I'v never been really good at writing until the autumn 2011. On the preliminary exam I wrote a story I was very pleased with, and I was very surprised that I could write like that. I was expecting a top grade(Our grade system is numbers 1-6. 1=fail and 6=best) but my teacher didn't get the parallell story line (everyone else that read it understood) and dropped me down to a 5 wich isn't bad, but seriously, all of you will laugh at my teacher's stupidity. I was seriously pissed! I had no grammar/spelling mistakes and she wouldn't even listen when I tried to explain the story line... It was really obvious since it was only 2 freaking persons in that story... Enough about that, I'm going to upload some stories here and there whenever I've got time, too bad I'm so busy :( I have so many hobbies, it's hard to do everything; drawing, writing, giutar playing, singing, try to make music, cheerleading, why do I have so many of them! and I have to figure out what I wanna do when I grow up too, but for now i'll unleash my crazy imagination :)