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I'm in year eight in secondary school and I write when I get the chance. I like reading classics a lot, expectally 1984 and animal farm. I also enjoyed The Hunger Game triolgy so I like books about power.

I am doing some research about the middle ages so I might do a story set then sometime. I am writing two long stories at the moment (although I write short ones whenever I feel like doing something different).

Goodnight Lou

This was originally a oneshot (mainly because the main character died) but I have made it into a prologue and turned it into a full lengh story. It is a romance about a boy whose big sister died when he was six. After she died he promised to find a way to make her proud. When he is fourteen he meets a girl who has more than one thing in common with his big sister so he tries to push her away because he think she will ruin his chances at success. The girl also is pushing him away because of a promise she made of her own.

A Blank Slate

Kalare runs away from her less then perfect home and makes it all the way to London before disaster strikes and she ends up in hospital with her memories missing. They slowly begin to come back to her as she spends time in her manson with her cruel parents. Can she escape and led the live she has always dreamed of with friends, a job and most importantly no parents?

Please tell me about any mistakes in my work and if you review one of my stories I will most likely review one of your stories in return. (no promises cos I don't want to end up breaking them).

-The Bonkers One

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A Blank Slate reviews
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