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"No, I will not let you stuff that in my oven."

'Oh God!'

"What?... Are you some kind of maniac? Back away! Duck under the table. Not the one inside! The outside picnic table, you idiot!"


(sigh) Those two are idiots...oh hey. Yeah, these two kind of just burned my house down by throwing a(not at liberty to disclose that info at the risk of getting banned from here)into my oven. So yeah. While I look for a place to stay and work and or wait for repairs on my house enjoy some info from my idiot friends.

"So yeah. Sorry for any inconvenience. This is mostly a place organized by the three of us, Me, Myself and I. I being the smart one and more successful one. Whilst Me and Myself are hard up for cash and have found a less violent and stupid outlet for our stupidity...What did you have me read aloud on this note-card I?! These are all lies!"

No, they aren't now keep reading or you'll be out of cash and a place to stay...later.

"Fine, okay. So, we are allowed to have a say in these stories and we give them character. But it looks like we won't get to post anything until a few days from now. I am pleased to announce that this account is only a sister to I's account. She writes long stories while my friend Myself and I...I mean Me, love to write stories we don't have to feel committed or obligated to. Yes we have commitment issues-"

If you guys would simply 'commit' yourselves to the local asylum we'd have no problem, oh wait I don't think you two can do that that why you haven't yet?

"Shut it I. Okay, so, as I was saying, my friend I over there has a solo account where she won't let us help named Legitimate-illiterate. She named our account as well and also said that if we get a lot of reviews saying they want our stories to continue then she will gladly put our stories on her account and we can write as many chapters to that story as we like. So please please. You can't see it but I, I mean, Me and Myself-get down here too idiot-are begging and groveling. Please comment and stuff. Anyhoo. See ya soon...very soon muhahahaha."


Muhaha- you guys are dorks. And why do we all have the same evil laugh at the same time, it's creepy.

"I, you're an idiot."

'I, you're an idiot.'

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