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YOU GUYS:If you ever wanna rp by bro says you can join him or he will join you on

His name is DeadHeart

I don't know why this chapter is so hard to write it also take awhile to send it to each other and find a time to

talk about it

this is a shared account between Josh and Damon, Damon does most of the writing and shit, I just come up with them ideaurs and shit like spelling. If you find a spelling mistake in any of my stories FUCK YOU.

Message me on face book = Josh-Damon Fictionpress

ill answer questions and shit bout the characters and stuffs like pics of them

Why have i not finished my stories? because... I'll tell you. I GOT ROBBED. Some one stole my laptop and a few things so I had to save up enough money to buy a new laptop, thanks to my two part time jobs and Josh's job we could get back on it so fast... We have all the stories on a usb they were never saved to the computer so I STILL GOT DEM. Love yew all

Hey dere Bitches

Damon's current book: one of the nine

Josh' current book: the other one that's up >:P

DAMON'S INFORMATION YOU SHOULD BE JEALOUS OF -my name means to tame: i tamed the idiot that is josh 0.0-

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I am done with you

Anything else you wannur know from either of us (unlikely) Pm us (Ill try and not let Josh reply its either disgustingly sweet or he calls you bitch OR BOTH 0.0)

I'm putting up pictures for my stories on a facebook page; I don't know where else i can put them up so here's the name for my page: Josh-Damon FictionPress

I'm putting up pictures for my stories on a facebook page; I don't know where else i can put them up so here's the name for my page: Josh-Damon FictionPress and ill talk with you all too. The page Master Josh-Damon is where ill answer your questions and just random shit i take your feed back and shit there too

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IT about bacon
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Ezekiel, Ezekiel reviews
Isn't it the jocks who make fun of the 'Gay emo dudes' or 'Gay nerd dudes? Well Riley is the gay jock who helps his 'nerdy emo dude' through some 'issues' while taking his heart in the process. So where does the Abusive Dad, two drugged up minions and the protective over brother come into it? do you even needa ask? its a cheesy popular sport dude falls for unpopular nerd/emo dude!
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