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I'm Ashley Atramento, also known as Ash. I am an avid reader and writer. I LOOVE sci-fi, including Maximum Ride, Daniel X, and The Hunger Games. But I also enjoy fantasy. (Who doesn't love Harry Potter?.) Most of my stories are long, usually around the genres of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, and, I like to add subtle Manga touches to my pieces. A LOT of my writing is stylized with short sentences and fragments. (Sorry Grammar-Nazis, I might annoy you. ^-^ …But I’m one too.) Recurring themes/characters: mutations in my Sci-Fi works, the kick-tail girl in most stories, the underdog, and the antagonist, will NEVER be who you thought it would be. (Unless of course I'm using annoying irony.) My stories are made up of LOTS of SMALL chapters, similar to James Patterson's style. So, you can expect about 89 chapters in a book... But, although my chapters are short, they contain lots of information. I'm not sure how, but everything I write somehow gets compacted into a teeny-tiny chapter. That's probably a result of reading short stories...however, I'm TERRIBLE at short stories. I can compact a chapter, but an entire STORY? It's just too hard. I like writing stories with a definite plot line. Usually I'll surprise myself with the ending, but for some of my long stories, I'll plan out the entire story ahead of time. (See my story Dark Horse for an example.) I’m a Grammar-Nazi, but somehow, I never catch my OWN writing mistakes. Beta readers? I’d beta read, but 1.Your, you’re, and your’e. GET IT RIGHT! Honestly people! Your’e is not a word. Please try to use these correctly. Your grammar needs work, but you’re not trying! (<- proper way of using it.) 2. Quotations. Dialogue is quoted and in a separate line. “That’s how you use quotation marks.” I told them. “No. You’re wrong,” They replied. “You must write it continuously if the same person is speaking.” “Indeed. You are correct.” I agreed. 3. There, they’re, their, and theyr’e. Once again. Theyr’e is not a word. Look! There are the writers with bad grammar! Their grammar sucks, but they’re not even trying to fix it by using Auto-Correct! 4. Numbers. 0123456789….. if you’re writing, spell out the numbers. Don’t write that you saw 9 books. Say that you saw nine books. If it’s time, one o’clock or one thirty/ one-thirty. If it’s coordinates or a math problem. Leave it. 5. Txt shrtcts, n spoken languash. They annoy me like, OMG so much! I can’t like believe that like anyone wud evr evn use it! I like h8 txt shrtcts! Oh gosh I think my inner Grammar-Nazi just got stabbed when I typed that. 6. “Emphasis.” …. ellipses + that fourth period. You really don’t need all that suspense. Sometimes it’s good, but don’t overuse them. I was writing my new story during class. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. “What are you doing Miss Ashley?” It was…. My teacher! Well no duh. 7. Fluff Detail. I walked out of my local Wal-Mart with three grocery bags. The sun was shining brightly and it reflected off of my beautiful blonde hair that touches my knees. I couldn’t believe how far away I had parked my blue Toyota Corolla. I walked through the parking lot when a person approached me. She wore a black cut-sleeve polo with a pink tie, a black pleated miniskirt with pink ribbon on the ends, and black and pink knee socks. She had pink hair and wore her hair in two pink corkscrew pigtails. She also wore- oh gosh this hurts my brain to write so horribly. Please just try to compact the details. I walked out of the grocery store when a girl with crazy pink hair approached me. See how easy that was? 8. Incorect speeling. Pleez guys just try to speel thingz curectly and dnt even try to talk lik dis.
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