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Poll: Hey! I have a silly question. Which kind of story that I've been trying to write that are stored on my computer would you like to see posted? If you hadn't notice... My brain jumps from one story to another and back again...Heh heh! Vote Now!
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Author has written 5 stories for Young Adult, and Biography.

Ello! I'm Branwen!!! Nice to meet 'cha! Just so you know, that cute kitty is my mascot, Rain! I love her so. Been raising her since she was born.

And here's a few thing you can know about me... I'm a Gemini and I really do seem to have two different sides... a quiet side and a LOUD HYPER side! My friends call me naive because I never get half of what they're talking about. I am near-sighted(I'm somewhat like Velma... I'm blind without my glasses). I love video games, books, crime shows, comedies, and the supernatural. Witches, Werewolves, and Ghost...Oh My! My bff Crimson Yardena(my secret year-older-then me twin) is also on FictionPress(Go CY!!!). I also have an account on FanFiction under the name Airi Astrology... Weird name, I know... So if your interested in FanFiction by yours truely, check it out... My fanfiction is mostly to help with writers block... Maybe I should start on the Doctor Who fanfic after the Inuyasha one is further along...(-_-)

I'm working on 4 original stories right now for FictionPress.

Reason In Blue is about a girl who experiences moments when time pauses. The girl, Reason Reed, meets the Clock Keepers, whose objective is to stop the Time Master from freezing time forever. And the Clock Keepers believe Reason is the key to the survival of the world.

Paranormal Blood follows the point-of-view of Alice and Darin as they try to find Alice's father who holds the key to all her questions.

The Afterlife of Wisteria Glass: Book One follows the point-of-view of Wisteria Celeste Glass, a 17 year old girl who is murdered by a serial killer. She is taken by a Grim Reaper called the Snow Queen to Reaper HQ where Wisteria learns she is to be a Grim Reaper. But not just any Grim Reaper, a Spirit Collector. The ones who escort souls to heaven and hunt evil souls to bring to Hell. Sort of like a bounty hunter with no pay.

My Boss is a Vampireis a story created be Crimson Yardena and myself. It's about a girl name Saige and her boss, Ciera Phoenix, as they dive into the mysteries of their town, Jasper Pond. Saige learns that there is more to Jasper Pond than meets the eye.

Interesting huh? I hope people read this. I greatly appreciate criticism. Just not flames... I can't take that...

Today(May 18, 2012) I have my final choir concert of the year... Bring on the 60s! "It's my party and I will cry if I want, Cry if I want to..." What in the world did the guys name Johnny do to the songwriters... for UIL we sang "Johnny Said No" which was about a guy name Johnny turnning down every girl in town… And in 60s Chicks, "Johnny Angel"(girls daydream about a guy name Johnny) and "It's My Party"(Johnny is with Judy leaving singer(s) heartbroken)… we, JV women, pointed this out to our choir teacher... she laughed! We think "Johnny" is a bad boy...*giggle*

Today(May 29, 2012) I am cleaning... I know, BORING! But hey I'm 17 now!!!! I made it!!!! I turned 17 on May 24! Pretty epic, eh? And now that school is out, I'm no longer a Junior!!!! Come August, I'll be a Senior... I feel so old!!! I now understand how my now graduated senior friend(who shall be called Emma) felt! My 13 year old sister(who shall be Morgana) and my 15 year old sister(Deryn she shall be) are crazy. Morgana is not working and Deryn has flitted off and abandoned me to clean our room(me and Deryn share a room). Curse the non-working!!!!

Today(July 3, 2012) I'm trying to write more to Paranomal Blood, Wisteria Glass, Reason in Blue, and My Boss is a Vampire. The last one needs to go through Crimson Yardena first before I get Chapter Two up. We discuss plot and what happens and I put it in black and white. Also, if anyone is interested in Doctor Who, check out my FanFic penname Airi Astrology. I just posted the first chapter.

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