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My name is Auel the Winter.

Current Status: As a new member to Fictionpress.com, I've been making a slow, but progressive start on my own works, such as my new sci-fi work: Athens. So far, I've yet to receive much feedback on my story, but hey, writing is fun and a lack of reviews won't dissuade me from telling a story. More than anything, finishing and proof reading my chapters before the post is what is most satisfying for me; the feeling that I pulled through and finished something I wanted to do. And that's exactly what I intend to to with my stories, starting with this one. It may not be easy and my posts may become a little less regular, but I won't disappoint readers who are looking forward to the next chapter and leave them hanging. Being a writer requires dedication, regardless of whether your writing an article or a best seller. I have confidence in myself as well as the many talented writers around me on this site.

Social status: Being a newer member to the site, I'm still in the process of finding writers to exchange criticism, offer ideas to and receive ideas from, as well as simply have fun with. I'm most likely going to be increasing my forum participation for this reason, though I seriously doubt you'll find me in any RP's. If you want somebody go give ideas or help clean up documents, I'll be eager and willing to help.

Important Notes about me:

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer, but I will not answer through any means but my announcements below, or personal messages. My chapters will have no author's notes of any kind and I will not answer the in reviews section.

2. Virtually all the works I have in mind are going to be rated Teen or Mature, so I will be expecting those who read my stories to act maturely in the reviews section. Mature language doesn't bother me much, but only if it is used in good humor. Please, let's not turn the reviews section into something you'd see in the average Youtube comments section. Sounds good? Otherwise, I'll just have to delete any nasty, foul mouthed reviews.

3. When I review, I'll try to be polite as possible, but I will also try to be as honest as possible. Yes, I've felt the wrath of reviewing somebody's work a little carelessly and I've learned from it. However, I will do my best to give you the information you could use to improve your growing stories.

4. I'll try to tread lightly at first when writing stories with more edgy themes, added sexuality, or intense violence, but I'll have to experiment to find that helpful line in between "that was great!" and "What the F*k did I just read?" You, ladies and gentlemen, can help with that by giving your much appreciated input.

September 30, 2012:

1. The first chapter of Athens, has been released. I hope all of you review it and express how you truly feel about it.

2. Also, when you review my work, I really would appreciate it if you put more effort into it than just saying it's good and I should make more. Tell me what you like, or hated. Or tell me why you hated all of it; it's still more helpful than just posting "moar pls!" and leaving.