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Since you're here, I guess you have nothing better to do than listen to me ramble, right?

What to say? I'm a guy, age doesn't matter, brown hair,etc., skinny since I don't get enough sun (I like to think it's cause I write too much :P), and all in all, I'm a sexy beast. Lol, jk. I'm an introverted bipolar teenager. How awesome is that?

I speak four languages, learning my fifth atm.

What I love:

I love fiction more than anything else, so most of what I write is (almost) completley original. Am planning to fix that soon though. Like, now.

I love reading, playing guitar, playing video games (way too many hobbies to count!)

Oh, I also love making AMV's!

I love pasta, pizza, pork, pastries, and almost any food that starts with 'p' it seems. :P

I also love picnics.

I love Japanese culture and such. So yeah, I love Anime, Manga, etc. AND Kingdom Hearts.

Concerning anime, my favorites are Code Geass, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist (2003 version, yeah yeah), Haruhi Suzumiya, Gurren Lagann and Elfen Lied (my secret shame ;.;).

I'm as crazy as a floating armchair would be, were it to get stuck in a girating leafblower that sprayed rainbows all over some pink donkey/hamsters eating donuts filled with bacon. Donuts filled with bacon!

I love almost all the music! Can listen to literaly anything. I challenge any one of you to link me a song I'll hate. Some obvious exceptions excluded of course.

I love paradoxes, conundrums, etc.

I love being alone with someone nice.

I love hating, as you'll se below:

What I hate:

I hate my friends. For fun of course, but still, I hate them!

I hate healthy things.

I hate competitive sports! >:(

I hate the fact that when I buy a 3DS, a new one will come out.

I hate my small TV.

I hate how my room is blue!

I hate idiots that succed lowering me to their level. It is my fault of course, but you know, they're idiots.

I hate my wallet. :(

I hate being in a group of over three people.

I hate the fact that I'm horrible at coloring what I draw.

I hate my broken computer.

I hate most of the music on the charts right now.

I hate reality shows.

I hate...

So yeah, that goes on for a while. But I'm not really a hateful guy. For me, hate means "don't really fancy the idea".

Hmm, I checked preview, didn't like what I saw. Oh well.

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