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I've been writing for quite awhile and not long ago a friend told me about this site. Up until this point no one has really read too much of my work except for some close friends. But i decided I might as well put it up on here and see if someone enjoys it. I'm pretty grateful to those that take the time to read my work or give it the time of day. I'm currently working on a few pieces and may be adding more pieces but I will do my best to keep adding more onto the originals that I started out with. I always was a huge fan of fiction and will continue to write so. I won't be publishing anything else other then that to be honest. Well at this moment anyway. Who knows what'll happen?

Anyway don't be afraid to send me messages about spelling errors or mix ups you find in my work. I am far from perfect and actually welcome the help. But yeah i hope you enjoy what you read here, and thanks for stopping by.


If you'd like to check out my forum stop by, Empty as hell but oh well lol:

!NEW! Cover Art: The person who does the cover art and will possibly doing cover art for the rest of my series is a young artist called UltimatePacman on She does great work involving anime/manga style of drawings and when i was searching her, the work I saw that she was doing with intense detail to faces really stood out to me. I'd highly recommend checking out her profile:

I'd like to thank her on here for all the hard work she put into it by listening to my demands lol.

Great Work

Release dates= (updated 12/23/12)

The Purge: Weekly (currently paused until Solidarity is finished, it will continue)

My Voice of Solidarity: Weekly (update) slight delay on release of chapters due to IRL circumstances but will be putting out as quick as possible and timely as possible, my apologies for the delay.

Legacy Part 2: (update) after some thought on where I want the story and the characters to go I have decided that I will be putting out more chapters for Legacy part 2 soon as I'm finished with My Voice of Solidarity, Thank you all for your patience and reading my work. I always appreciate it.

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The Descendants by Nyx'sReincarnation reviews
My name is Zoey-Alice, and apparently, I'm a descendant: an ancestor of a god or goddess. I'm the first Reincarnation of Asteria, which means I'm the most powerful ancestor she'll have. Sadly, that also means I'm the only one allowed to know about the person that's sacrificing people for their power. So which one of my friends is the culprit? Who can I trust?
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What if there was a god among us? What problems would he face? What choices would he have to make? This story follows the life of a boy who has ascended above humankind- and then above humanity. One-shot.
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Ice is Hotter than Fire by HeartGirl14 reviews
When Misti was born with the ability to control an element, out of everyone in her family, she had absolutely nothing to worry about. But when she sense jealousy from her brother, Redrick, she has to be prepared for anything that he throws at her, including their relationship.
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 4 - Words: 7,883 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 7/2/2012 - Published: 5/30/2012
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My Voice of Solidarity, Part II reviews
Will, Reya and Ian return in this sequel to My Voice of Madness. Please read Madness first before reading this for clarity. The event that ended Madness changes all of the rules. The world has become a much darker and smaller place for them. The situation is worse than ever. Now they must make sense of all that has happened and prepare for what's to come next..
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Legacy Part 2 reviews
This is a continuation of Michael Wardens journey through the apocalyptic conflict between the race known as the "Virulent" and humanity. It picks up right where it left off and moves through the towers of sky city of Celestia. The city has been under heavy siege and now him and his group must make their way through its war torn streets to uncover the truth of his past and future.
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My Voice of Madness, Part I reviews
Will has had a dark voice within his mind for three years now, struggling with the thought of going insane. The world is in chaos from a global manhunt for "something" horrible hiding within the population. Three Angels appear in front of the leaders of the world to ask for their help in the hunt. Is the voice in Wills head actually real or is it something else?
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Legacy reviews
A boys journey of survival and war in an near future apocalyptic conflict that will scar the Earth beyond his years. The systematic invasion and complete destruction of all that inhabit its surface. This is what he faces and must overcome.
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