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Hi i'm Mia,

It's hard to say what I write for, but I am good at romantic stories . I enjoy reading as long as it's good quality, and not twilight (sorry to the twilight fans, It's just not my thing.)

at the moment I am writing:

Running with the wolves

Alex hates life, her adopted parents, and schools. so when her normal life collides with her werelife she is shaken up but when she meets her parents it doesn't go according to plan, who does she turn to?

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The Top Eleven Things Everyone Should Know About Twilight

1. Werewolves are only immortal as long as they want to be. Yeah. Kind of strange. Apparently it has to do with how often they choose to become wolves. Of course, these are quite strange werewolves who don’t follow the moon.

2. Vampires sparkle in the sun. Really. And no one ever laughs at them when they do this. Then again, they only ever show this to lovestruck teenage girls.

3. In a werewolf/vampire/human threesome, the human has to be in the middle so the freezing vampire and burning werewolf balance each other out. Or something like that.

4. It is not at all creepy to make an unborn baby your soulmate nor is it creepy to raise your soulmate from infancy as its father/brother and then become its lover.

5. Author Stephenie Meyer is apparently a big supporter of the rights of demon babies.

6. Wanting to literally eat your girlfriend is romantic, not deeply disturbing.

7. Jeopardizing a fragile treaty between two very dangerous, deadly groups because you can’t control your hormones is endearing, not painfully stupid.

8. When you’re friends with vampires and werewolves, you no longer are required to care about your human friends and family.

9. . When a guy you have been dating for a few months abruptly leaves and never plans on coming back and you take to cliff diving to hear his voice, you are in no way crazy nor should you look into therapy.

10. You should never, ever let Bella and Edward name anything. Ever.

11. TELLING a group of vampires that want to kill your baby that she is half human will do nothing. Finding someone who claims that they are half-human solves everything. They’ll even kill that vampire that’s out to get you for you.

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Running with the Wolves: finding myself
Alex is far from normal despite having adopted parents, she has a secret. Many of her incredible abilities are kept in the dark until the gorgeous Matt (The packs bringer) turns up to shed some light. Her wish for her real family is answered but it causes her to need to go finding herself and to question is this really what she wants? MattxAlex
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