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Hello everybody, my name is Ms. Implausible {and not implausible in the 'fantastic' synonym sense!} What's yours?

I've been writing ever since I was a toddler, back then I would sit on my grandma's lap and tell her what to type as my brain formed out a story of Disney characters, or something of that variety. I also use to tell oral stories to said elder, that would last...I'm unsure, but if I was allowed probably fifty minutes, however I was always told to 'wrap it up.' So, somewhere during this time I decided that I wanted to become a 'famous' {yes, I specifically said famous} writer; telling that to even my childhood nurse. I still have fantasies of being famous, though honestly I would hate that publicity. And I still want to write for a living {and maybe illustrate or animate? Although I honestly have a very love-hate relationship with my artistic skills}

so I might as well post a few stories here of my characters, whom, I never describe or give an actual backstory too in the stories you read. Why? Because they're already a part of respective plots that are unwritten, and because these are also all one-shots {and mainly written for myself.} I am not here to offend with my stories, nor upset, or insult other's beliefs and/or ethnicity, generally rub off in the wrong way, cause should get my point. But, if anything; I want to get a {little} feedback and get a {little} acknowledged with whatever I happen to post on this site, because, I'm a aspiring author and I feel as though posting on here could...maybe? broaden my horizons.