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Hey :D. I'm not very active on Fictionpress, but now that I have officially published my first story, that may change.

My profile picture was drawn by my very artistic friend (so jealous lol). Did anyone think it was drawn by a professional mangaka? (Um it might not show up for another 24 hours)

Okay, now more about me...

School: Saint Bob Middle High Elementary.
Name: IvanBobSarahPersonLadyBobGuyUsuiSebastianLizzie
Favorite animal: ... Cats or snakes, depending on whether or not I'm in a good mood.
Favorite artist: Yuya Matsushita
Favorite anime/manga: Kuroshitsuji
Random other info: I am awesome. What more is there to say?
Any last words: I'm not dying. Sheesh.
Seriously: Ok ok. Uuum I'm a weird person with wings on my back, cat ears on my head, and scales all over my arms.
... Really: OF COURSE NOT.
You're weird. Imma ditch you: Nuuu come back you're my only friend.
You're talking to yourself: ... Shaddup.
You're telling yourself to - SHUT UP

Ok. Now you know all you need to know about me.

I'm not always this weird though, so feel free to PM me. :D

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