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Um, okay, lets see... how do I begin, aha! I used to be Thunderclap1995, but I have some serious Welsh pride going on lately, so I changed my name to suit my pride, I'm welsh, as if my penname didn't give that away, well, I'm half welsh, half british, but I was born in Wales, so I call myself Welsh.

I recently turned 17, as in 2 months ago nearly, I am a struggling writer who mostly dances around on Fanfiction under the Percy Jackson and the Olympians fandom. On there I'm known as I am Thalia daughter of Zeus. It's a trend me and quite a few friends have joined, we rock, we roll, we have fun and I bet nobody is even reading this. Okay, so now I'm going to give you a little insight on me:

Name: My full name is Kayleigh Brianna Hook, I sometimes prefer to use my mother's maiden name, and the spelling on my birth certificate is Kaylee. I liked this spelling better, so I go by it.

Age: Again, as stated above, I'm 17, with another year to go before turning 18. Not in a hurry.

Social Life: I have none, I am constantly either at home on my laptop or out running errands for my mother or seeing my dad, I also sleep. So... no social life.

My interests: Writing, reading stories and books, singing, dancing(kinda suck at this one, and my singing isn't that much better...), drawing(again, I suck at this), um... one of my interests includes wondering about the mystery of life, why are we here, what is our purpose in life? That kinda stuff, I'm kinda into Astronamy and Astrology, I want to look at the bigger picture of life.

My hobbies: Singing, writing, reading, chatting to people on forums, laughing, being weird. Eh, I embrace it.

My family: Yeah... I have my mum, my dad, my step mother, my older half-sister from my mother's side, my older half sister from my dad's side, my older half-brother from my dad's side, my full-blooded younger sister, my two step brothers that are my step-mother's sons. Yeah, I also have two neices and newphews, with another nephew along the way, but I don't see one of my neices and the other nephew.

My awesomeness level: Eh, pretty high, haven't had it measured in a while. JK, I like to make myself feel better by saying I'm awesome, it's a pyscological thing.

Okay now that's over and done with, um... I suppose you'll want to hear more about my stories.

Restless: In progress - Currently awaiting inspiration, I'm not abandoning this.

My poem is finished, no need to worry there.

Okay, I'm also trying to write a book series, Evelong Academy, it's maybe 5 or more books... not too sure, I know 5 book titles, I'm just having the trouble of getting thoughts to sit still. Currently planned in the series:

Flaming Emeralds - Orphan Seraphina Flame and her best friend Gabriel Finch learn about Evelong and begin to attend.

The Magician's Daughter - All about Alexandra Corx and her introduction to Evelong. Along with best friend Evan Dimley.

Ebony Ivory - Twins Ebony and Ivory Winters join up to Evelong Academy and meet up with our other friends.

Stone's Throw - All about three sisters, Jade, Emerald and Aquamarine, and their life before Evelong and up until they arrive.

Carry The Torch - Either about the up and coming war threatening Evelong Academy or maybe possibly about Seraphina's mother's history. Not too sure...

I actually debated on changing my name to Flaming The Ebony Stone Torch, or is that too long? Nevermind.

And you have reached the end of my profile. I hope you enjoyed.

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