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Welcome to my profile! I hope you enjoy the visit and please leave a comment on some stories if you find them interesting and if you hate them, then here is a fun little hint. Up at the top of your browser there are tabs, right there in the corner of your tab is a nice pretty X just click it and you will be taken somewhere else.



I really want help and I need the readers help to get better. I am a severe amateur and I haven't improved much. I just type on stories that come to me. I am a way better artist, trust me.

Info about me: I love fantasy type books, but I'm kinda weirdly into a lot of romance fantasy stories. Mostly I write sad stories that have deaths, but I can't seem to write to well of fighting scenes. Getting to work on that. I have a fanfiction account under this exact same name, so check it out if you want. I love to make new friends. I also love to draw, but writing is something to pass time. I am not at all good at writing, but I do have a story that is so far great.

I do love wolves the most, well mostly anything animal in general. Mostly I write about characters of mine I use from role-plays or that I don't really use as often. I am a bit of a procrastinator and a total amateur writer, but I'm trying to get experience. I get a lot of weird thoughts and I sometimes don't finish stories, but its only because I get writer's block. Honestly I try my best. So please review if you can and enjoy oh and if you don't want too or just want to chat you are welcome to PM me I'm open to anything that will help me improve. I do write down what people think I should fix or what people liked most so I could try to use that to help me.

At this moment, I work on Abandoned, Awaken you True Self, and Highschool's a Nightmare. I plan to update one-three stories if I get the chance there may be more updated. I'm open for any and all ideas so just help me out if you want.

Also have two Deviant Arts, my main account is Bunnygal2 which you will see more stuff being uploaded, my other account is Blood-Ayami which isn't as active and pictures aren't uploaded as much. I also want to apologize I know my stories aren't good, but please give them a chance. I want to be able to improve and I haven't been able to. I do have a binder filled with paper in which most of my stories are hand written for when I'm ready to type them or update them.


Do not. Absolutely don't, tell me what you or your characters would have done.

I take the easy way out in stories, as bad as that is, and I don't think half the time when I type. So I don't want to hear what you would have done in a situation. Because my characters aren't you nor are they ever going to be you. So if you think of reviewing with that don't. I won't be half as annoyed if it is sent by PM. I'm game for ideas, so if you want to you can tell me and address it like this: I would have react differently, but an idea to help would be... Or anything like that don't just flat out tell me you would do this. It does not help me just gives me a confusing headache.

Any questions? Please just ask.

Stories I have:

Abandoned- A group of kids are changed and they have to learn to adapt and rely only on themselves, as a pack, to survive. But a bigger problem rises separating them and hurting one causing all to be broken apart. Not much info, sorry I don't want to spoil anything.

Awaken Your True Self-

Highschools a Nightmare- For some High School can be a real pain. THis follows Isis, being a new kid in a new school juggling her problems. She deals with plenty of troubles like an annoying crush and friends to deal with.

Crese Denil- A normal girl with a bad past, Crese is shunned during the time she has lived without a family. She leaves in search of her brother and father who were taken from her and on the way she finds some new friends and plenty of problems.


Kitten Years- my cat guardian characters as their kitten selves. This basically goes with a team I have showing the characters old lives and how they began to attend the academy and become guards.

Our Past- Complete, A brother and sister who were never alright. Showing how the young girl got a metal arm and how the siblings lost their parents (In my opinion Terrible)

Pearl- first in Arch Kingdom series, Zara a young princess tries to get freedom, but instead gets pulled into a plot to destroy not only her life, but her kingdom as well.

Keep an eye out for more stories and updates!!

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