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Hello! Okay, so I have a fanfiction account called ForeverPotter17, and I stumbled upon this site I have a few of my own original stories, and can't wait to post them!

One is called; Alone; About six teenagers who discover that everyone on earth has been taken by the government, and find themselves alone in the world. Or so they think!


Alex: Sixteen year old girl, who has two parents.

She often either hangs out with her best friend Jesse, a boy she has known forever, or her two friends Page and Clover.

Alex is upbeat and sarcastic, and loves to have fun! She is very dry, and can make anyone laugh.

She is also brave and reckless, which can prove hazardous. She has healing powers, and object generation.

Page: Is one of the best readers or writers out there, and loves to spend time with her five best friends, Jayden, Jesse, Alex, Cole, and Clover.

She has mixed feelings about both Jayden and Cole, who she can't decided which she has feelings for. She has time-traveling powers.

Clover: Is your typical, fashion crazy best friend, who is crazy about how she and her two friends Alex and Page look.

Clover is usually very nice, but can be shallow.

She is very co-dependent on her friends, and finds it difficult to let her mom be taken away from her, after her little brother is captured. She has water powers.

Jesse; Is the best friend every guy needs, he is funny, smart, and all around nice. He is your typical boy-next-door, and has deep feelings for Alex, who seems to be Hot and Cold with her feelings for him, making his decision to tell her even harder.

Jesse has a 'flash-light' power, and believes that he is the weakest of them all.

Jayden: is a jock. He likes making jokes, but when it comes down to it, he is always there for his friends.

He is typically the one making everyone laugh, or mad.

Jayden has massive strength and can lift just about anything over his head.

Cole; is your typical, cute nerd. He has a good friendship with Page, but is crazy about Clover, who he can never seem to do anything right around, he can tell you anything about...anything!

He is very smart, and pretty cute. Cole has sight powers.

This book is action-packed and extremely entertaining, holding you in until the very last sentence.

This book has not been public yet, and any copy-right fragments, and heads will roll.

All in all, I'm a pretty nice person :)

I play acoustic guitar in my free times- which is always.

I love writing and reading, holding a special place in my heart.

I love swimming and being funny.

I love basketball.

I love the books, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride, Marked, City of Bones, Immortal Instruments, Switched, Stolen, The Goddest Test, True blood, Witch and Wizard, and many, MANY more.

I love my family.

I am over thirteen.

I have not yet been discovered (hint, hint).

I do not like copiers.

I love

I love my readers!

I love my fans!

And that’s pretty much it!

Have a WONDERFUL day :)

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