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I suppose it's time to update my profile. Sigh.

Well... Welcome to the Madness, O Pitiful Soul.

I can honestly tell you flat-out that I am an avid fan of sweets. Anything sugary and good, and you've got me hook, line, and sinker. Starbucks frappuccinos are godly.

Fictionpress and Fanfiction are my ways out, I guess: a break from reality, which I know everyone needs. Desperately. In "real life" (gods that sounds so corny) I am, ah, one of those cranky ice-cold females who delights in mindfuckery and humor (any kind is fine by me - alas, such is the price of being around the other gender for far too long). Literature and history are my strengths, and I sincerely admire Machiavelli and his wonderful masterpiece, The Prince.

Not that I've ever read it. But I'd love to.

I am also greatly interested in demonology, mythology from around the world, fairy tales and legends, the language of flowers and the eras long gone. I've a flare for dramatics, the dark, and the supernatural: some call me morbid as well. I call it appreciating every aspect of life. And yes, that includes death. Anyway, all of the topics listed above inspire me about 96% of the time - the other 2% from music, the 1% from dreams. And man, do I dream like no other. My dreams are what you normal people may call... ah... nightmares. They entertain and intrigue me, what can I say?

Anyone a fan of the Phantom of the Opera? Alice in Wonderland? The Grimm brothers' and Anderson's fairy tales? Historical figures and coup d'etats? Well then we'll get along just fine, I think.

If I sound unbearably moody and irritated, forgive me: midterm week never agrees with anyone.

That's it for the moment, I suppose. Farewell...

Still Beating,

TBH (This Beating Heart)

The lovely profile picture on my page is not my own work - I honestly don't remember where I found it, but it's not mine!!!

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Matching is Overrated reviews
Junior Prom: He was an (attractive) asshole who relentlessly chased after her. She was a coldly intelligent individual who wanted nothing to do with him. It wasn't planned, they didn't match, but somehow they managed. After all, love just adores throwing reason out the window. One-shot!
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