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Hey everybody! This is a random I am poem about myself that we had to write so I decided I may as well post it on here! Anyway, I'm a middle schooler, 13 years old, and I love reading! I also love writing as well.

I am a kid

A teenager
A sister

I am a musician
An artist

I am a helper
A worker
A learner

I am a reader
a writer
a scientist

I am a worrier
A panicker

I am an oblivious child
a friend
a volunteer

These are the basics that everyone can see
But there is more to me than that

I am a teenager with the heart of a kid
A younger sister with the maturity of the older
One who never want to grow up

I am a violin player, with the potential to become concert master
A advanced piano player (at least according to my friends)
A singer in a choir

I am an artist of different types
Working with paper to create creations
With pencils and colored pencils to create drawings

I am a student to my teachers
But, a teacher to those that need my help

I am a diligent worker when I need to be
But still a lazy child all the same

I am thirsty for knowledge
never able to ease the unquenchable thirst

I am a sit-in-my-room-and-ignore-everyone reader
Of books, fanfiction, and more
And yet at the sight of non-fiction, will nearly run away

I am a dreamer of the impossible
Molding worlds of my own with words
creating characters, creatures, and more

I am a studier of science
A winner of science Olympiad
A child with interest to be an engineer

I am a constant panicker
Panicking at the slightest flaw
panicking at the smallest problem

I am an annoy-all-my-friends-with-my-constant-worries-about-failing worrier
Constantly going on about how I’m going to fail
Constantly checking my things to the point my friends want to take them all away

I am a oblivious-of-the-world-around-me child
Oblivious of famous T.V shows, pop music and more
(or so I am told by my friends)

I am a loyal friend to those that I'm close to
always there to offer support
in exchange they are also
there for me as well

I am a volunteer at the library
an advocate for its programs
a supplier of ideas

This is who I am right now.

This is who I am today.

But in the slightest moment, everything can change.

So the question is,

Who will I be tomorrow?

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