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Hey Hey Hey!!! This is Damien Leokas Cardoza here, along with Ruka_Chan. We had an idea, and we're here to exploit it!!!!*giggles*Guess what?!?!I'M RUKA-CHAN!!!!!! I spilled peanut butter in my space bar so it doesn't work much anymore. Let it be a lesson to you all DON'T EAT WHILE TYPING EMAILS! My and my honourary brother Damy are going to write ficlets together. Now you're saying so? Well, me and my brother are kinda screwed up in the head, so our fic are gonna be cool but weird. Oh, and we are mostly for SLASH!! Our favorite couple is Draco/Harry! OH, and we don't like flames so if you are a flamer GO SOAK YOUR HEAD!!!!