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Author has written 2 stories for Humor.

Note: I changed my Pen Name from Sweetmockingbird to the one I have now for reasons I honestly don't wanna talk about. (The pen name I have now is just something completely random I came up with.)

Age: In between 1 and 18. XP (Hey, I didn't say it was gonna be the truth.)

Looks: Black, brown, or strawberry blonde. Black, or brown eyes. *Not gonna give a straight answer*

Location: Somewhere in USA...or China.




-Harry Potter


-Hunger Games

-Fiction stories

-Messing with people

-Fiction books

-Mystery books


-People bugging me


-Mean people

-Super crazy murderers

-Nick Jr.

-School (sometimes)



-Annoying people

-Disney Jr.

-copycats stealing ideas

-people dissing me/dissing the things I like


-not realizing they're hypocrites

-Bugs (I hate them, but my friend says hate is a strong word..)


-Huge, loud thunderstorms

Half like, half dislike:

-Tsunderes (Example; Akita Neru.)

-Weirdos (This depends on the kind of weird.)

Don't care/is okay with:

-Bi people(honestly don't care if you are or not, because it's not such a big deal to me..)

-Gay/lesbo people (Seriously? What the crap is the big deal? Someone just tell me.)

-Handicapped kids/adults* (They're just different like the last two. So?)

-Crazys (With my last two reasons, do you really have to ask me?)

-Horror themed things (Movies, pictures etc.)

My Own Little World

Hey...Why are you so persistent?

I don't want you to find me.

Because if you did, everything would fall apart.

My own little lies, my shell, my world.


You found me.

Looks like I wasn't careful enough.

You seemed so happy that you found me.

I just smiled and didn't show how upset I was.

My world...

It's my world...not yours...or anyone else's...

So why, why are you intruding?

I hate it.

I hate it.

I hate it.

I hate it so much.

I hate how someone always has to take away something of mine.

I hate how someone always has to come by, and I have to hide myself.

I hate how I can never fully express myself.

I hate how you found me, and took away my happiness.

I hate it.

I hate it.

I hate it.

I hate it.

I absolutely hate how I lost my world again.

You made me lose it.

You made me lose the world where I could finally express myself.

Now, I have to keep myself under lock and key,

And bide my time in reality,

And try to find a new world that nobody can take from me.

...I hate it.

...I hate the fact that I always have to keep my mask on.

...All because you were so stupidly stubborn in trying to find me.

I hope that you're happy.

Because now, I'll try to make the world you took...

And I'll make it disappear.

If I can't have my world, neither can you.

...My own little destroyed...

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