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Hey, this is Inez, doesn't that sound like a vampire's name?, or NIX and I guess I'll tell you a little about myself. I have been writing since I was very young (4? 5?) and reading since I was two.

I believe my first spoken reasoning for writing stories was 'I want to read a story about (blank) but no one has written it yet... I guess I'll just write it myself!'

I like reading fantasy, action, adventure, some romance, and supernatural and I write whatever comes to mind. I like stories with basis in reality that shift to other realities by some significant time branch- currently I have an obsession with zombies -_-' not really sure what that says about my mental state...

My favorite books are:

The Three Musketeers

The Legend of Willow Wood Springs

Captain Hook Adventures of a Notorious Youth

Magician (Raymond E. Feist)


Hood (King Raven Trilogy)

monkey. monkey. monkey. monkey. (that word is really annoying to type over and over) rabbit. rabbit. rabbit.

Pet Peeves:

In Post Apocalyptic Stories: There's just something that irks me about zombie stories or other disease/war related stories where the main character or one of the main characters is just okay with it. No one is okay when they see their mother eaten by a zombie in front of them- unless they are crazy; and if that's the kind of character you have then that is perfectly fine because it is realistic.

In Demon Stories: When a demon is actually 11-17 years old in a society where they live for thousands of years and they are somehow the best at everything they do. I know I'm basically describing a Mary Sue but it really only bothers me in Demon stories for some reason. If you're society lives forever and you are basically the equivalent of a four year old you can not do things that the demon king 'who is almost a million years old' can do.

In Romance Stories: If you want to write a story about yaoi, incest, yuri or other things that may or maynot offend certain people put it in the description. Or at least in nice pretty bold letters at the top of your story. I also can't stand it when a guy is an ass to the main girl (or the other way around) and somehow she thinks it is endearing rather than the traits of an asshole. At least let her angst about liking such an unlikable person. Oh- and 'perfect' characters. No guy is 'perfect' girls. And the same applies to girls- if there is such a 'perfect' person they need to have at least one fatal flaw that makes the story worthwhile otherwise it's pointless to have a story. (e.g. Sue likes the handsome, inteligent, flirtatious, strong, silent/bold/random endearing trait to girls, Joe. he confesses he likes her once she gets up the courage to say something and the next fifteen chapters is their perfect relationship) NEWSFLASH! No one wants to read a story about someone who isn't like them in some way. We want to identify with your character.

For Reviewers: I am totally okay with anonymous reviews asking questions! I'll answer them in the chapter. The thing I really hate is when people tell me things like 'you italicise too much' 'you shouldn't use this writing type for this type of speech'- look it's my writing and if I decide that hissing like a snake uses instead of " then that's my own personal choice. If you want to say something helpful I will gladly take it as constructive criticism and use it wisely. Another note- if you are just going to tell me 'this story is crap' or 'you suck at writing' or something along those lines don't even comment. It is rude and wastes both my time to read it and yours to write it. If my story offends you enough that you feel you should let me know do it in a way that isn't just badmouthing my style or story ideas.

I'll post more when I think of them :p

(This is just a line because FP. com doesn't like my sister's cute little emoticons I had instead)


So, I have a forum I just started because I love to role-play. Here's the link:

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