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Hi, I'm a young and carefree ostrich ^.^

I am reasonably new to this (very exciting) site, but so far the feedback I have been getting for my story is lovely, so thank you :) and keep it coming!!

Some facts about me:

i have uncontrollable hair (to such an extent it's ridiculous!!) that gets everywhere, including all over all of my friends, which annoys them :L it's like having a dog that sheds a lot, only in human form...

i love playing guitar and writing songs

i draw, a LOT

i am terrified of balloons (dangerous things, balloons, very dangerous)

i love to write stories! :)

i read all the time (i often do it while walking along in the street, if i've recently purchased an excellent page-turner - this either makes me look extremely intellectual or makes me crash into random people because i'm not looking where i'm going...)

i'm really, really tempted to dye streaks of pink or blue or some other madman's colour into my hair, just for the fun times it would bring - as you can tell, i am one who likes to live their life on the edge... :L

i listen to some really odd music... but that's okay. right now what i keep playing is mumford and sons Sigh no More, i must say their banjo work is really impressive, and i don't say that for just any band's banjo work - not that very many bands use banjos, but whatever... (this won't make any sense but listen to The Cave or Winter Winds and you'll get it!)

i am ridiculously clumsy (i find it difficult to walk through a doorway without smacking off the doorframe and i don't know why) but if i don't trip and die in the near future, i would like to one day finish this story i'm writing :) a lot of people write massive long text chunks in this bit, and mine was pathetically short, so i thought i would make amends! I'm only writing one story right now, which is a really long novel-type thing called Lifeline, so if you have the time do tune in and read please! and also review ;) just so i know how it's going and all. Sadly, it's very nearly finished! /wipes away tears of emotion/ but it's been great writing it and i love all you guys' comments so far, so thank you!

Well i think that is all. i apologise for my lack of capital 'i's in this, but it's too late to change it now! as old macbeth once said, 'what's done cannot be undone.' except this is a computer, so it CAN be undone... i just can't be bothered ^.^ ah well.

i realize that i have basically just rambled rubbish for ten paragraphs! How foolish of me. all i wanted to say is, my story 'Lifeline' is finished now, but please tune in and review anyway! i love to hear all of your comments about it :) and i shall probably have a new story up sometime later on. Just watch this space, and remember to write a little review if you read my story - if you review my stuff then I'll review yours, promise! :) Oh, and the paragraphs of my story are a bit, well, chunky and hard to read, but I don't know how to edit stuff once I put it up here so very sorry about that! I hope you will persevere with the story anyway, and thank you very much if you do.

Signed respectfully,

The ostrich :) xxx

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