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Hello the names Kio-chii

I am a weird girl! So my stories will match me quite a bit. I love anime and mangas so yeah I love it!!!

:3 I also have a mangafox account called Kio-san and one of my friends on they're said I should open this account and start writing so yeah thats how Kio-chii came to be!

o3o I also adore writing fantasy 83 I'm a fanta nut!

Pleasure to meet ya all!!

Also please by all means if you read my stories don't be afraid to comment or criticize. I will appreciate your impute.

If you read my stories THANK YOU!!


If anyone has a fantasy that they want me to take a crack at please send me a message, don't be shy! I will be more then happy to comply! Thank you!


This is a message to all my fans!!!!

For those of you who have followed Vieta through the beginning of their troubles in Dreiger the beginning I say thank you for tolerating my bad grammar! Grammar really isn't one of my strong points. I had someone recently ask me why the beginning was so rocky well here is why.

It has to do with how the story started out. It was originally a one shot that I made for a writing game my friends and I always played in high school called challenge accepted. It's where one person challenges another to write a specific type of story and its up to the person to write the story issued. the only thing the Issuer can control is the type of story a few unique factors about the world or setting and add in some MUST BE props. It was quite fun.

So I had changed Dreiger from a oneshot where Shade and Vieta were never related to a story where they ended up being Mother and son. Sorry for the confusion there in the first chapter!

News on my stories:

Vietas Absence:

Vieta's absence I should be picking up once more and soon. I had taken a break so I could think more clearly what was going to happen in different layers of the worlds they travel through. Now that I have that figured out it should be updated soon.


Dreiger is a Trilogy. There is a total of three books First Is Dreiger the beginning, second is Dreiger brothel Hunt and last is Demons in Dreiger. I can almost guarantee if you dont read it from the first to the second to the last book you will get confused. Although the last book Demons in Dreiger will not be posted until after Vieta's absence is finished!

Pure Soul:

Currently Pure Soul is going to be a single book. Depending on how many Reviews and how well liked the story is I might continue it past the point I have it thought out in my brain. Although for now it is just a single book.

Stories to come:

For now this will remain a secret. I want to finish Pure soul and Vieta's Absence first before I start any NEW stories. If anyone has ANY question on anything in the stories please post it in a Review or a PM I always respond to the reviews and PMs and questions will be answered here!


TO all Pure Soul loyalists!

I have officially decided to announce that Pure soul WILL be continued on for at least TWO MORE books. So as of now Pure soul is going to be a TRILOGY!


Dreiger the beginning had a different root. It was a completely alternate story but with a similar base creature guideline. I am PLANNING to fix up the old story and post it after I finish one of the currently ongoing stories. So I hope everyone looks forward to a whole new world! It was the world I created that sparked the thoughts for Dreiger.

Questions and Answers:

Going through my reviews I found a question I thought more people must be pondering.

Are you going to go into more detail on why they had a bounty on their head or what happened in the five years that Vieta and crew were in hiding? (Dreiger Brothel Hunt)

For the bounty yes I will get deeper in on that later in Dreiger brothel hunt due to the fact that it is apart of Dreigean Laws. As for what happened in the five years they were in hiding sadly that will come in the form of a DIFFERENT story. I am planning a story that involves Race and Shades children. Via, Ran, and Ray and it involves some things from that day they went into hiding so be patient it will come.

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