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Hi all! Kinda new to this thing (not the site, but SHARING my work thing). I've been writing the past few months a story that was inspired by the vampire diaries Klaus. (a.k.a Joseph Morgan).

Note * this story has nothing to do with the show or their characters. My story just has a character in it that I like to pretend is played by Joseph. So this is for you Joseph fans too. :)

I thought that i'd like to get others opinions on the story, before I finish it and start the rewrite. (possibly help motivate me some more). Then maybe do something with it...we'll see.

I've written about 15 chapters so far, so as soon as this thing lets me post i'll start posting them slowly. I've done spell check, but im sure i missed a few commas and spelled u instead of y.o.u. a few times. So if you're a pricklier for that sort of thing, remember this is only the first draft. I will be going back in the rewrite to make all of those corrections. So please...calm down :).

Anyways with that said, please enjoy! I hope you fall in love with these characters as much as I, and some of my current reads have!