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Poll: After NaNoWriMo I have decided that it is easier to concentrate on one story so I'm asking you guys which one I should finish first. The poll will close on the 21st so I can have a chapter up for Christmas, hopefully. Vote Now!
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I am on a few different places now. They are listed here:

(updates only)

(fanfiction only, only Harry Potter: Lily/James at the moment)

(On site competitions and poetry)

Make note of this!:
So after the poll I have decided to finish my stories in this order;

Amnesia Problems

Horsemen's Siblings

Physic Mind

I shall also be adding some small one-shot type stories to get through any writers block that I may be having.

I generally update once a week, but only if I have stuff written.

Story Update:
If you have any thoughts, questions, comments, queries, ideas or anything at all to do with these stories, or anything, then send my a PM or review. :)

Amnesia Problems - I have had a huge hit of inspiration for this and written 4 thousand words, (5 chapter or so) and these will be updated weekly, hopefully.

Horsemen's Siblings - This story is still in the early stages and so I have no clue where it is going to go next. Please send me a message if you have any ideas for how the Horsemen will try to pull the world back to the dark ages.

Poem Information:
As far as my poetry goes, it doesn't rhyme (blank verse?), but it does have a flow which you may or may not pick up, but the line breaks should help with that. Most of them are stray bits of creativity that has been affected by the guy who has broken my heart. They make me very depressed as I write them, have no idea of the effect on readers. If you are going through issues yourself, these will either make you feel better, or you will relate and feel worse and I am rambling. Sorry.
I've got some poetry written, but it's all on OneNote. So I will only be putting one up every time I update my stories, because I can't be bothered to put the poems into word, name them, save them, upload them to the site, and publish them. So I will do that once a week if you're interested.


My writing takes time. Sometimes, when I get a hit of inspiration I can just write and write and write. Other times it can take we weeks to get out one paragraph. Any advice or help, or ideas for stories would be greatly appreciated. I find reading a great way to just ignore everything and writing is starting to look that way. I'll Read and Review stories you ask me to if you do the same to mine. I like Sci-Fi stories although I will read just about anything most of the time.

I have a cruel sense of humor but I'll try not to put that in stories as it might offend people.

If anything in any of my writing offends people I am very sorry it is an accident but I know how touchy some people can be these days. :)

As I read things here and on I realise how amazing it is that people can write. People like me, who don't have editors, who have jobs that don't involve sitting at a computer living a fantasy world. Apart from a few spelling and homophone errors which could be fixed by an editor, or even proof reading by someone else, these people could be writers; and some of them are my age and in some cases, younger. It makes me realise that people are amazing, I'm glad to be one of them.

My 2013 New Years Writing Resolutions:
Keep to the writing comeptitions that I have chosen to do and try to see them through.

Finish writing a lot of the stuff I started in 2012.

Edit the suff I wrote in 2012.

Update once a week here and on

Be Happy.



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It hasn't rained in ages. With stress building up I really need a change in the weather.
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Teenagers with blue eyes lose their memory when they turn thirteen. This is the story of two teens who, upon loosing their memory make a nuisance of themselves, proving themselves better than their brown-eye counterpart. They slowly become aware of the political unrest, but when they do what they can to help their people; to bring both groups togther. Check Profile for update info.
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A poem about loving wo people at once and not knowing how to keep going. This is a poetry format of how I feel at the moment. I relly need some advice on what to do, keeping in mind that I am really shy.
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ON HIATUS They have been best friends for years. Through thick and thin. Saving the world, one evil-minded guy at a time. But what happens when she lets slip her big secret. The country is hunting her down. She has no where to run. And she still has to help him save the world. Check profile for update information.
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ON HIATUSE veryone knows the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. But what of their twins? Life, Peace, Hope and Love. What will they do when their twins get bored with South East Asia and try to revert the planet back to the middle ages? They will need help. They will have to recruit those they have been trying to protect for the last two millennia. Check profile for update info.
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Day Heart
Do you know what you do to my heart? Do you feel it too?
Poetry: Life - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 31 - Published: 10/17/2012 - Complete
You left me, and I'm waiting. But I think a lot. So I'm not moping. When you come for closure, I'll take my revenge.
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Black Hole, Contained! reviews
The box has been here longer than I have, longer than anyone. I've heard people say to think outside of the box when you're stuck. But that wouldn't work here. I need to think what's inside the box. It's contents can change the world faster than you think. Check Profile for update information.
Fiction: Sci-Fi - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Mystery - Chapters: 12 - Words: 9,044 - Reviews: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 10/10/2012 - Published: 8/8/2012 - Complete