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Not a whole lot to look at here, but I try to keep the info fairly recent. Happy writing everyone!


Walking With Shadows: So, I don't think anyone was actually reading it, but in case you were, I'm tearing down Walking With Shadows, and doing a complete re-write. Sorry everyone, but it's not that captivating! I honestly have no idea when I'll be getting to that particular project as it's taken a backseat to Animal Identity, soon to be renamed "Ispiras"

I'm going to be posting the rewritten first chapter of Animal Identity at some point in the near future and taking down the old one. After that I'll be on a regular posting schedule of one a week, and hopefully more! The goal is to have the plot rehashed and outlined fully before November and have regular chapter updates beginning that month. I will not be posting the full story during November as I'd like to release chapters on a schedule that will give me time to ensure the quality of the chapters I'm releasing and hopefully receive more useful feedback.

I'm really excited to be writing this again and have some new additions and big changes to the plot progression and character development that are going to be really fun to incorporate and share after a long long break from writing.


I'm a queer tired stoner just out here writing and having a good time. I've been on Fictionpress as long as I can remember, and I'm discovering all over again why I loved it so much. I'm planning to be a lot more active on here again. For a long period of time I lost the motivation and passion to write and it's been a journey. I plan to begin rewriting some of the novels that were started on here and flesh out the world a lot more so don't be surprised if you come back to the series and it looks a lot different! (If there's anyone still reading it that is, it has been a long time)

I'm very chattery and love getting into book talk with people so if you're on the fence about shooting me a message by all means go for it! It would delight me!

Currently my writing style is mainly character-driven sci-fi/fantasy with a focus on world-building, and queer representation. I don't think of myself as a writer of LGBTQ lit, but rather, a writer of literature that doesn't pretend queer people don't exist.

I am always always always looking for reviews on my written work! Feedback drives me, whether it's good or bad. Don't be afraid to leave your honest opinions and point out any plot holes you notice. I would greatly appreciate it. Plus it's really likely that, if you leave me a detailed review, I'll be curious about the writer leaving that review and will want to check out your stuff too ;)


If you're looking for a beta reader, I am currently accepting requests on a very limited basis but I have some requirements. Feel free to send me a private message with an inquiry but please read through this list first:

  1. I am not currently accepting partially drafted novels to beta read, for the MOST part. I will, on, a case by case basis, help flesh out plot lines and read chapter by chapter but only if you do the work for yourself first by creating an outline for your plot. If I do decide to beta a partially drafted story with an outline, it will be mainly to look out for inconsistencies with plot, character development, etc, not fine-tooth comb work. This is to help me help you, by giving me a good idea of what direction you want your novel to go in and the general idea of what the story I'm beta-ing should look like. It's also not good for you, as a writer, to be working on the editing process and detail work if the big picture isn't there yet. A lot of new writers get so caught up in trying to perfect what they've already written that the motivation and drive behind the story gets lost. If your novel is fully drafted, though, I don't really need an outline to begin beta-reading.
  2. I very rarely beta-read non-fiction and autobiographies and it's unlikely I'll accept a beta request for one.
  3. Do not ask me to beta-read a story you don't intend to finish.
  4. I will only beta-read works of literature in outside editing platforms such as google docs, email, microsoft word document, etc. It is far too time-consuming to try to create a workaround in FictionPress's outdated platform and I don't fancy wasting my time trying to find a way to do things that take seconds on any other platform
  5. I prefer to beta-read things within the following genres, though if your work of literature is compelling enough I am likely to make an exception: Fantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction (I would not be a good fact checker, however, for historical fiction works, so I would advise you consult someone else for that), mystery, poetry, horror (note: I do not beta-read gore, and don't consider that to be within the horror genre. Some violence and bloodshed is totally fine, but suspense is really what horror is about for me and I typically don't enjoy reading, let alone beta-ing stories that are purely gore)
  6. IMPORTANT: I get a LOT of requests for beta-reading in my inbox so I ask that everyone include the following in the request they send to my inbox:
    -In the subject line of your message I need to know a) that you're requesting a beta-reader, b) what the working title of the story is c) what genre you consider it, d) anything else you want to include in the subject line
    - In the message itself I need the following things, in no particular order, to decide if I want to or am able to accept your request or not: a) Your story/work's word count b) a brief overview of the plot (ideally no more than 5 sentences but I'm not counting) c) what platform you want to use for the beta-ing process (ie, google docs, microsoft word, email, etc. Note: I am far more likely to accept requests from people looking to use google docs as it is by far the easiest tool I've come across for editing purposes. There are ways to allow users to comment and make suggestions within the document without allowing them to change anything you originally wrote and it makes my life worlds easier) d) a short excerpt from your story e) short paragraph or two to give me an idea of your writing style and whether it's one that draws me in. Beta-reading a novel is a big commitment and I take extra care to make sure that every request I accept is one I'm excited about and fully prepared to spend hours of my time helping you out with. Sending me a sample of your story helps me know from the get-go whether or not I will be willing or able to invest my time. f) what specifically you are looking for help with (can absolutely be multiple things. Ie. basic editing, plot mapping, character development, pacing, outside perspective to ensure the story makes sense and flows well, etc, etc.) and finally g) what time-frame, if any, you're hoping to have the beta process completed by. If you don't have a specific time-frame in mind, please let me know in your message.
  7. It is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that I will even respond to your request if the above information is missing. I understand that it looks like a lot, but I get close to a dozen vague messages a day asking me to beta-read their work without any background information and I simply don't have the time to respond to every stranger's message just to get basic information to help me decide if I am even willing to take on that task or not. Simply put, if you want something from me, please make it easy for me to give you an answer or the answer will always be no.

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Flash Fiction
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The Ispiras: What Lies Beneath
Siblings Hawkin and Kamil are Ispiras, a unique people with a powerful connection to their world. But finding ways to live in secret amongst the humans in an increasingly modern era has cost them much. Corruption and fiercely guarded secrets plague their slowly dwindling numbers. Can they unravel their family's past and navigate their own secrets as the path ahead grows more fatal?
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The Ispiras (Formerly Animal Identity) reviews
Currently undergoing a major rewrite and this story will not be the same for long but if you're interested in it as is, go for it. It's not my finest moment though in it's current state :'D
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The room was upturned in a chaotic search for something lost. In looking, that something was only proved to be more lost then before. A dresser lay on its side, the contents bursting out like abandoned relics of the past. Amid a bed, the sheets stripped bare, sat a girl. She hugged her knees desperately sobbing. Please read and review this! It's short, but it has a powerful end.
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Afte her best friend tries to kill her, Lexia becomes aware of the existence of race of people thought to have been completely eliminated. But she soon discovers they are still being hunted... And she may be one of them.
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