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Hey hey everyone! I am over at if you guys would like to know. Under DomesticHouseCat also. There I am currently working on an Inheritance Cycle fanfiction called Chaos. As of now I do have a unique fantasy/action/adventure story in mind that I will start putting up here in time. But right now I am more in the "reading mood."

My interests mostly involve all kinds of escapism. This world is just so very boring. Swords are useless, work is a bore, magic doesn't exist and all the dinosaurs are dead! Therefore to get out of the monotony of real life, I enjoy reading, movies, playing games and writing. I'm not a huge avid reader, which would explain why my book list is so small lol. I do plan on reading a lot in the summer if I can help it, eh. In any case, here are my recommendations for those of you who love escapism as much as me!

For the movie buff:

Star Wars: So dang awesome, who could forget Luke Skywalker's quest to fight against Darth Vader and the Dark Side of the force? And one can never forget the beginning, when Darth Vader came to be. If there really is anyone out there who has not seen these movies, you are soooo missing out!

Lord of the Rings: Now people say all the time that the books are always better than the movies based off of them. However, I would argue that the movies of the Lord of the Rings are actually way better than the books. And this is saying a lot because the books are also very good. The action in these are great, the plot is great, everything is just plain perfect. You have not lived if you have not seen these movies!

Indiana Jones: A very to the point kind of action films. Nothing too fancy going on, just good fist throwing, whip-cracking, gun-slinging action. Very awesome movies, especially the third one, my personal favorite.

Back to the Future: A very fun take on time travel. Lovable characters and interesting plot points, these movies are entertaining from beginning to end! So great!

Princess Bride: I would say that this is the one movie in which I've seen more than any other. Seriously, I've probably seen this film like 20 times it's that good! Such a good tale of true love, swashbuckling and magic. And the quotes are made of gold! "Inconceivable!" "Have fun storming the castle!" "Do you want me to send you back to where you were? Unemployed in Greenland?!"

Pirates of the Caribbean: They are all ok, except for the first one! Love the first pirates movie, it was just so well done in so many ways. Such a good swashbuckling movie with great action and great characters. Gotta love Jack!

Count of Monte Cristo: The ultimate story of revenge. Taking place in Napoleonic times, it's a great story of a man who is placed in jail just for knowing too much. Eventually he gets out though and is determined to hunt down the man who placed him in prison and stole his girl!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: A wonderful movie of two smooth con men in a competition to see who can make the most off of one girl. Steve Martin and Michael Cane co-staring? Recipe for perfection, and perfection is what this comedy offers!

For the Gamer:

The Legend of Zelda series: I grew up with Zelda, all games are good. Gird your loins and ready your blade for the greatest adventure of all! You will fight various monsters as you fight through the many dungeons the villain has prepared for you. Though worry not, you will have dozens of weapons on hand, including the greatest one of all, the Master Sword!

Metroid: To me, the main character of the Metroid games isn't Samus, but the many worlds that she explores. I don't know how the developers do it, but the atmosphere of the areas because of the music and how everything looks. All of it just makes the setting breathing with life as if it was a character all in its own. It really is a beautiful and alien world that Samus must journey through in each game and it is always just so fun to do so. You will fight many enemies on the way that is for sure, but to me the worlds you go through will always be the best part of the Metroid games.

Fire Emblem: Such a great tactical RPG franchise. I freaking love these games! Their stories are so dang good it's not even funny! In these games you control an army of unique characters, each with a personality of their own. It's a fantasy war setting based on medieval themes and motifs, though there is plenty of offensive and defensive magic to use as well. These games are just too good, I cannot stress how much I recommend these!

Castlevania: The early ones are crisp and fun side-scrolers, while the newer ones play much like the Metroid games. Welcome to Castlevania, the home of Dracula himself, a place where chaos reigns and monsters roam! Journey through the many floors and rooms of Dracula's castle, killing anything standing in your way in this gothic masterful abode. And for those of you who are Arya fans, may I suggest Order of Ecclesia for the DS. A brutally hard game, but the person you play as, Shanoa, looks exactly how I imagined Arya to look like. (Except she has longer hair and blue eyes as opposed to how I imagined Arya.) Unless another Eragon movie is made, this game is the closest you can get to playing as Arya in my opinion. I mean really, Shanoa even has a tattoo on her back as a main gameplay mechanic! So, yeah.

Super Smash Bros: Oh man these games are legit! Such a great fighting game franchise. Take Nintendo's all stars and pit them against each other in an awesome fight to the death. Recipe for awesome! Not your typical fighting game, but a very good one nonetheless. A+ for all the games that is for sure. Check em out!

Donkey Kong Country: This to me, is the greatest side scrolling franchise ever. Especially the original super nintendo games. These are just so dang awesome it's not even funny. The environments are great, the gameplay is flawless, I mean really, these games are just plain perfect!

Red Steel 2: Red Steel 1 sucked big time, but its successor was so dang sweet! So fun to rampage with your trusty katana and revolver combo to decimate all in your path. A very fun hack and slash/first person shooter game, it's such a great hybrid and one of the funner games on Wii!

Final Fantasy: Of course I couldn't not bring these up! So dang good, love all of these games. Unfortunately I've never beaten any, but it is my goal to one day beat the first ten games. From the ones I have played, 6 and 7 are the best, but I haven't beaten any so I can't be sure. What I can say is though that I've probably put 100 collective hours into the series, so dang awesome!

Lost Odyssey: This is by far the best game for Xbox 360 I would say. This is just like Final Fantasy, but better than the newer FF games. Many FF fans all around call this the REAL FF 13. I tend to agree with them, and in fact I have beaten this game. Its story starts out very slow, but gets so much better as it goes on. Love this game so much!

Tales of: The tales of games are all so awesome! Essentially, take the main concept and structure of a FF game, as in, traveling with a group of peeps to save the world by fighting random monsters and dungeon crawling. But the combat is way different, you fight in a ring against enemies in a fashion kind of like a cross between Soul Calibur and Zelda. And get this, most games are four player co-op. That's right you heard me! It's a FF esque game that can be played from start to finish with three other people. Now that my friends, is a recipe for amazingness!

Soul Calibur: A very fun fighting game series in which each character uses a unique medieval weapon. Not a traditional 2D fighter, but one in which you can move around the 3D field at will. Though you will always face your opponent, so this gives a lot of interesting strategies to the fights. Plus, in 3 and onwards, you can make your own characters which is just so much fun to do. Want to play as Eragon or Arya? You can make characters that looks just like them, dresses like them and then play as them. Something I find myself doing with so many characters from so many franchises!

Assassin's Creed: Climb the walls of Venician structures, slaying many foes in your way. The perfect parkour and assassination games, you just can't go wrong with any of these games. The story does suck though, but hey, none of these games suck in any conceivable way otherwise. It's just too much fun to jump from roof to roof slaying enemies on your way.

Metal Gear Solid: Can be very frustrating at times, but it is oh so fun when you play it right. A very entertaining series that plays out like an interactive spy movie. So much fun to watch the events of the game in the lengthy and rewarding cut-scenes. Definitely worth a shot if you can get through the initial frustrating beginnings. But once you get the hang of it, you can't go back!

Uncharted: This is what Indiana Jones would be if it was a non-stop action third person shooting franchise. The storyline is ok, but what really is fun about the games are the characters. They say the funniest things to each other and they are all just so dang lovable! Not to mention the graphics are pretty amazing as well, being on the PS3 and all.

Okami: This game is pretty much Twilight Princess, but in Japan. And you play as a wolf the entire time and the graphics looks like a Japanese impressionistic painting. Trust me though, this game is freaking perfect! One of the best games ever made I am not gonna lie. It really is that good, no doubt about it!

For the reader: (I'm not too big on reading as I am on movies and gaming, so my experience is limited)

Chronicles of Narnia: So awesome, love the characters first and foremost. Really the best books for those growing up. The mystical land of Narnia is just so beautiful and fun to immerse yourself into. And the characters themselves, especially Aslan and the witches are just so entertaining. All I gotta say is they better make the rest of the movies, I am eagerly awaiting a Horse and His Boy movie, that book is by far the best. By far.

Harry Potter: You know why

Inheritance Cycle: The very series that inspired me to write fanfiction in the first place! Take the story of Star Wars and put it into a fantasy world and add dragons and magic. And that's kind of what it is, but of course there are differences between this series and Star Wars. From start to finish this is a very engaging and addicting series, truly it is a masterpiece. Now if only CP would write more on the Alagaesian world.

And yeah, that's all I have for books *sobs* Will update again though once I've got more for all categories that is for sure!

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